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A Spanish Staycation in Andalusia
20 September 2013 @ 12:51

A Spanish Staycation in Andalusia

So the Summer is over, Autumn officially begins in a few days,

This Summer I didnt technically have a holiday. I am saving that for October.

So what did I do in the Frying Pan of Andalusia July & August?

Well actually I had a great time. I visited Beautiful Ronda for the day.

Even though I´d been before I wanted to revisit this Inland town.

I also finally went to have some treatments at the Spa in Lanjaron in Granada´s Alpujarra.

With my family over for a few days I took them out for lunch in a beautiful place in Lanjaron after enjoying the Lanjaron Spa facilities in the morning. We also managed to see the Floral Offering to the Virgen de las Angustias in Granada. Something I´d not seen before. This year was the celebration of 100 years so it was quite special.

I also managed to visit villages in the Alpujarra such as Torvizcon, Mecina Bombaron and Yegen. This was part of my research on Spain Silk trade. I had a great time visiting working silk Looms in Pampaneira and writing up my research. (Full post on my blog, click on right hand side at piccavey com)

I have also managed to compile a guide to the whole of Andalusia and the City and Province of Granada. This way all the information and resources are on one easy to navigate clickable page.

So now we are all ´back to school´ I am looking forward to my big holidays at the end of October.

I hope your Summer was good too.

Regards from Granada


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leytonette said:
05 October 2013 @ 10:11

I am lucky enough to now have moved to the Andalucia region, in Melegis to be exact, and have visited the Alpujarras a couple of times. There is a really lovely bar just on the outskirts of Lanjaron but it is quite tucked away around a bend so you can't see it on the way through but you can on the way back. The waters of Lanjaron are very well-known, as my friends were quick to point out to me.

leytonette said:
05 October 2013 @ 10:12

I did visit Rhonda once on a holiday in Spain with a friend - very beautiful.

piccavey said:
05 October 2013 @ 12:11

There are two bars in corners as you enter Lanjaron, el frenazo which is opposite the Balneario hotel building and the Casita de Papel, which is right next to the fountains where people fill up water.

I expect that you mean the Casita de Papel this always seems to have people there when I go by.

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