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my torrevieja diary

One year living in Torrevieja. What to do, where to go, what to see, the good and the not so good, a personal Torrevieja guide.

Charity meets glamour in Torrevieja
14 June 2015 @ 17:27

It’s not all that often that we get a touch of glamour in Torrevieja, but yesterday it arrived in spades. In the form of the duo ALAZAN, formed by Aroa and Encarna Salazar. They have music in their blood, being of the same family of such famous groups as Azucar Moreno and Los Chungitos.

They gave a benefit concert yesterday in the Plaza de Oriente, in aid of the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

One of their managers and promoters, the owner of the Bar Kristina just opposite the church, has become a friend of mine, not least because he serves the best pinxos in town and arranged for me to interview the artist prior to the concert.

Let me tell you this was one of the funniest and entertaining interviews I have ever conducted. Starting with the venue: the hairdressers! Whilst Aroa and Encarna got their long, straight black hair, turned into stage fit curls, they talked to me.

After winning the Festival of Benidorm in 2000, their musical career has really taken off. I asked them if they are performing a brand new song tonight and they said: “Yes. Our latest is I love you.”

Then I asked them why this particular charity, did they have a special interest in Nepal or any special affinity to earthquake victims? No, they just like to help children when ever their tour schedule allows them to do so. They don’t write their own songs, they interpret those given to them by other artists.

Their ambition is to tour South America, something which they hope to achieve in the not too distant future. As for other artists, they adore Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

Two utterly charming girls with great voices as proven during the concert and without airs and graces.

The concert was presented by Noa Show, a very talented entertainer who equally had no qualms to have a picture taken even only half “done” which is to say with the make up on but sans the evening dress.

Attendance was great and I can only hope that quite some money has been accumulated to help Nepal.

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