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my torrevieja diary

One year living in Torrevieja. What to do, where to go, what to see, the good and the not so good, a personal Torrevieja guide.

Where to get your book fix in Torrevieja
19 January 2015 @ 13:32

Where to get your book fix in Torrevieja

Reading is as essential to me as eating. I can’t go to sleep unless I have read at least a few pages of my latest book of choice. I also have to say, that I am a great fan of ´real´ books, by which I mean proper books as opposed to Kindle etc. I need to turn pages and hold the thing in my hand to really enjoy it. But, of course, tastes are different and ebooks  do have their advantages.

During my first days in Torrevieja, after I had finally sorted out all the paperwork related to the purchase of my apartment and could breathe a sigh of relief, I went in search of bookshops and libraries.

Just around the corner from the post office in Calle Caballero de Rodas, I found the public library. There are actually two in Torrevieja itself and another one in La Mata. The bigger one in Torrevieja is located right at the end of in Avda.Diego Ramirez, so for me, that´s quite a hike. The one near the post office is much more convenient, but...they  only have books in Spanish. For me, that´s not a problem but for those who don´t read Spanish, it will have to be the other one.

To borrow books you need to get a user card and you can only obtain this if you are empadronado.

As an alternative, I went in search of book shops which sell books in several languages and, preferably second hand ones too. My first choice is Santos Ochoa right next to the central market.

Not only is the shop beautiful, but they have a vast selection of books in Spanish and English. Outside are bins with second hand paperbacks in English, the average price being €3.95.

If you want to turn your book buying expedition into a social event, there is no better place to go than Bargain Books in Calle Ramon Gallud, very close to Calle Orihuela. The small shop is English owned and there is always someone there to chat to, in fact quite a few customers come here on a daily basis for just that.

They have new and second hand English books, paperbacks as well as hard cover and a few Spanish ones. In addition you can get a bit of stationery and a vast selection of greeting cards (English of course). There is even a bit of costume jewellery on offer. The average price for second hand paperbacks is also €3.95, but there are even a few cheaper bargains to be had.

Lastly, I found a place where you can exchange books, in several languages and in a very limited selection, but even so. It´s a pizzeria in Avenida de La Purissima (near the promenade between the Phoenician columns and Playa de los Locos). Bring one in, take one out and they don´t even look at you funny if you don´t also have a coffee.

Having said that, they have an ample and very appetizing menu, so you might  want to combine book exchanging with a bite to eat.

Happy reading.


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pommers said:
26 January 2015 @ 11:05

If you can get to La Siesta, the Age Concern shop has a small second hand library. They are 2 for €1 !!!

lilypond said:
26 January 2015 @ 11:40

Thanks for adding this. I can´t get there easily because I don´t have a car, so I needed to look for something within walking distance.

Juan José said:
21 June 2019 @ 09:29

Thanks for this page, since they closed down the second hand bookshop I used to go to I haven't been able to buy any books. Next summer I'm going to have a look at those bookshops you mention.

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