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my torrevieja diary

One year living in Torrevieja. What to do, where to go, what to see, the good and the not so good, a personal Torrevieja guide.

11 January 2015 @ 13:04


It´s a year to the day, that I have moved into my, brand new little place in Torrevieja .So, it´s time to draw a conclusion and recall  what I have done, seen and learned in my year on the Costa Blanca South.

Where did I come from, you might ask. Well, I spent the last few years in Turkey, so the move to Spain meant sort of a culture shock. But, that´s exactly what I wanted, being curious by nature and always on the move in search of new experiences and adventures.

I had the south of Spain in mind and I ended up in Torrevieja purely for economic reasons. I was looking to buy a property which I could afford without a mortgage and still having something left over to live on. As chance would have it, I found just such a place here, small but comfy, just steps from the beach, with a sea view, supermarket and town centre within walking distance , central bus station nearby, in short, anything a person living on her own and not having or wanting a car needed.

I like the promenade where I can go for my daily power walks, I like the shops, the public library and the fact that Torrevieja has a concert hall as well as a theatre.

Best of all is the climate. Sunshine nearly all year, but when it rains you better stay home because in minutes you will be ankle deep in water, the drainage is not Torrevieja´s strong point. As for company, I have recently joined the cultural society of the Casino and there are countless expat associations which I even haven´t checked out much yet.

I  like the cosmopolitan atmosphere, you hear English, French, German and Russian every day in the street and in the shops. So anybody who doesn´t speak Spanish won´t have a problem at all and those who do, like me, can keep their language skills up to date.

This is it for today by way of introduction. More details are coming in further posts but now it´s just far too nice outside to be sitting here. A year has gone by and it has been a positive one.



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SandrainAlgorfa said:
11 January 2015 @ 17:12

Sounds like it's been a great year for you Inka - here's to another good one!

missmlh said:
11 January 2015 @ 20:02

Your blog looks great Inka. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts!

eggcup said:
17 January 2015 @ 09:58

Good for you lilypond. I would describe my five year sojourn in Spain as pretty disastrous - although my two children have ended up fluent Spanish speakers, despite having left 7 years ago, so I hang on to that. It's nice to see how it can be far more straightforward for some, including you. Some of the disasters were car related, so you won't get them, thank God. But you've done pretty well and/or been lucky and/or have been philosophical about things which I assume have not run completely smoothly. All the best for your future there. If you get itchy feet again though it's not easy to sell a property in Spain (sorry about that negative point - I'm sure you already know that).

alant said:
17 January 2015 @ 11:08

Your comment,"I like the cosmopolitan atmosphere, you hear English, French, German and Russian every day in the street and in the shops. It reminds me of a conversation I overheard from an estate agent to a potential client," the big advantage here is that you will not hear a word of Spanish spoken".

Jennet de Caresle said:
17 January 2015 @ 12:37

I am planning to make a home in Spain, renting initially first. This will be just after Easter this year and I have much to research beforehand regarding the location I will choose. I am very interested to read about other people's experiences with having made this major move.

17 January 2015 @ 16:49

Hello, very interesting article you have written, I do not live in Spain but get this news letter sent to me out of interest.
PLEASE if you have time could you help some of the poor abandoned dogs in the area or beyond, also help is always needed for the shocking cruel treatment of the GALGOS dogs used for hunting, they are got rid of in the most barbaric ways, there have been articles about this here...PLEASE & thank you....Shireen.

Dumbblonde1959 said:
17 January 2015 @ 17:11

We have recently rented an apartment in Coin. I am finally moving in on Monday. My big worry is applying for residency. I have had a lot of conflicting information. We are selling our house in the UK so have been told to hang fire until 2016 so the Spanish can't grab money from the sale. We have our NIE number so do we need to register for residency straight away. Just really confused :(

fazeress said:
17 January 2015 @ 22:10

Dumbblonde, you don't have to apply for residency straight away although I think you're supposed to apply after 3 months are up but many never do so don't worry about it. Not knowing how old you are and whether you're of pensionable age you need to prove you have healthcare and a minimum of approx €6k ish per person, in the bank to prove you can afford to live. You may like to look at the CAB Spain Face book page if you're on Facebook as they have lots of useful, correct information! If not they have a website which is great. Good luck!
Great blog lilypond 😊

carpe said:
21 January 2015 @ 03:32

Definitely not what I'v e been told about the place lilypond! good info. A pm will be appreciated!

carpe said:
21 January 2015 @ 03:33

fazeress - CAB Spain?

fazeress said:
21 January 2015 @ 09:30

Carpe, it's Citizens Advice Bureau Spain. Good factual information which is true! People get very confused over NIE and Residencia for some reason but on this page/website you get the facts and can ask for help.

Graeme said:
22 January 2015 @ 08:07

Enjoyed your article.....keep thinking and feeling postitive...

Dont worry about Eggcup....If you need to will....not that you seem to be going anywhere in a hurry....

Look forward to your next post


eggcup said:
22 January 2015 @ 09:39

"if you need to sell you will."
Uh, tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people in Spain who want to sell...
But anyway, you don't want to sell and hopefully by the time you might want to, the market will have recovered. All the best.

lilypond said:
24 January 2015 @ 16:46

Thanks all so much for your comments on my very first blog post. Just one special remark: if an estate agent said to me that it was an advantage I wouldn´t hear a word of Spanish, I would walk right out of the door.

Graeme said:
25 January 2015 @ 17:25

Lilypond....yes...i did find that comment rather ammusing myself...

graeme said:
25 January 2015 @ 17:28


Tell the thousands to do what everyone else does ....drop their prices....someone will see the value in what they have...

and if that still does not afraid they did not do their homework when buying re "reselling " in the future...

This is a huge criteria when purchasing a any country..


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