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This blog seeks to inform and amuse with news and views, information and advice for those with writing as an interest. Feel free to write to me direct.

15 October 2012 @ 22:28

You have either written your story or you are about to; fine. Because writing doesn’t come easy to everyone most stories that are sent to me are perfectly fine but they are not yet of retail standard. They need the skills of a storyteller who can add flair and flow to the narrative. There will be drama; again your characters and their experiences need to come alive to engage and excite the reader. It is what I do. I turn your story into a cracking good read, as good as anything you will find in the bookshops; better than most.

Do not concern yourself with how badly you have written it; if you were to write well I would be unemployed. When you get in touch with me you will find me friendly and helpful; I will give you an honest opinion. I am quite busy so I will not flatter you to get work.
If the story has merit you can send part or all of it to me. Perhaps you have so far written only the beginning. This is the time to work with me to its completion. You know my fees; a very reasonable €23 per 1,000 words. Feel free to check the fees and quality of others.
Free of charge I will re-write about 1,000 words; if you appreciate the difference we proceed in 10,000 word sections. The average paperback by the way is about 80,000 words in length. I can re-write, edit, and improve at the rate of about 5,000 words per week; slower if you wish. You pay by bank transfer as each section is delivered to you.
You will see the work progressing and be very much a part of it; we are co-writing your book. When completion is reached this is the time for final tweaking and within reason, modification. When final payment is made the copyright becomes yours; it is your name on the book’s cover.
Theoretically my work is complete. However, you want to see your book published. You have a choice. It is easy enough to avail yourself of a list of publishers who focus on your type of book; fiction, romance, erotic, biography, history, business etc. You send to each a letter of introduction and synopsis I provide free of charge. If you get lucky your royalties will be 10% of the cover price.
Alternatively you can publish online; Amazon-Kindle in which case you typically receive 70% of the ‘cover price’. Don’t get excited; online books are cheaper to buy. Nevertheless, online publishing is the most popular option. I have associates who can help you with various packages starting at just €150/£150 to get your book online.
Look on the bright side; it may be a blockbuster and you may have movie producers kicking you door in. The worst case scenario; you are a published author and that is quite an achievement. You are recouping some or all of your investment; possibly making a nice little killing. There is much kudos; your story has been told and because of the internet it will be available to read by everyone for hundreds of years ahead.
Believe me, there are far worse ways to invest your money so go on; you know you are worth it.

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