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08 February 2014 @ 12:15



No doubt about it, coastal Spain is home to some of the most interesting people on earth. My author clients include a German who survived the blitz (on Germany). There was also Cynthia‘s story and what a story. Suffering a paedophile for a husband, she was constantly on the run to avoid Social Services abducting her children.

Chris Nand, born into a thatched cottage in the South Sea Islands, followed his odyssey to Europe. Such was the romance threaded into the story it made two fascinating books. Then there was Nina. She was born into a boma (kraal) in Zambia. The story of her struggle to make a better life for herself in South Africa and then Europe would have you cheering her on from your armchair.

Not so for Mickey whose true story would break the hardest of hearts. He and other kids suffered immensely when they were delivered up to the tender mercies of Ireland’s Christian Brothers who ran correction centres for children who had fallen off the radar.

Britt, a Swedish friend wrote a fictional story as did an ex-London police officer whose name was appropriately Bill. All of the books I have co-written have been fascinating and a joy to write and read.

Imagine how fascinating the warts an all biography of a middleclass English civil servant who became hooked on swinging group sex and prostitution. Leaving nothing to the imagination all is revealed including her steamy session with James Hewitt, Princess Dis ex-lover.

What is it like to co-write the adventures of others? For me it is to share their life and their experiences. Their stories come alive because I do not write them - I live them. Many authors have told me that my assisting their story is to tell it just the way it was. They added that they were unable to express their experiences as well as I did.

There is a saying: ‘If you love your job you will never again work for a living. That sums my life up perfectly. If you or someone you know has a story to tell or experiences to share then why not engage or recommend me. By doing so you help to bring a good story to one that keeps readers awake all night. Stop reading and start writing. Who knows, you could make more money writing about your life than living it.


Michael Walsh Ghost-Writer at

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