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This blog seeks to inform and amuse with news and views, information and advice for those with writing as an interest. Feel free to write to me direct.

23 April 2014 @ 10:24


For the first time in history it is easy to record a life story or family history without the need to seek a publisher or to self-publish.

Imagine how fascinating if a forebear had been able to set out their personal story for you and your family to read. A growing trend is to set your story out so that future generations can enjoy your life story.

There is no more colourful history than that of the British peoples. Don’t think your story is uninteresting? Remember, this last 60-year period has seen more change than has any previous 200 year epoch. Everything you take for granted will fascinate future generations.

Furthermore, future social diarists will find your story important as a reference source. To future generations your account of life between 1940 and 2000 could be the most exciting story ever told.


In the past such biographies could be written and published only by the elite. Ordinary people, although many lived more interesting lives than did the elite, had neither the money nor the means to do so. Forgive the choice of words that is now all in the past.

It is not necessary to publish your story in book form or online (Amazon-Kindle) unless you wish to. Once your story is written it will be stored on your laptop, disc or memory stick. Easier than posting a postcard it can be sent to whoever you wish. Who knows, perhaps a member of your family inspired by you will go that extra mile and publish your story in conventional form.

What causes you to hesitate? Not being a natural writer or not sure how to make a start? I can help you. If you are thinking of making a start I provide you with a tips sheet. Once you start writing I use my skills to bring your story to life. By adding dialogue, atmosphere, narrative, flair and flow I can double or even treble the size of anything you send. Your book ends up as a cracking good read skilfully presented in a page-turning way.


BETTY MUSOLE WRITES: “After reading the story, tears are rolling down my face... I cannot believe how it's turned up, you've got a good sense of writing style that entices and captures the reader. I like it 100% and I'm very much excited to work with you. Thanks again, I'm more motivated than ever before.....’ - Betty Musole. Gibraltar.



Your story can be any length you wish. It does not have to be paperback (75k) words. It gets better; the ghost-writing / editing is affordable. My fees are a mere €20 per 1,000 words. Much less than the industry average. I have no overheads and I am not totally dependent upon ghost-writing, which I love, for my income.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity. If not you - who? If not now - when.


Michael Walsh Ghost-Writing

Telephone 966 786 932

Mobile 662 067 490



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