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06 April 2014 @ 21:21


As a ghost-writer I can tell you that books are like buses. You can wait for ages and then three books come along. In fairness, work… if I can call something I enjoy doing work, is never at a standstill.

I recall an occasion a couple of years ago that made one wonder about the whims of fate. Money was going out much more quickly than it was coming in. Not a happy bunny, I was near the end of a book being worked on and there was nothing in the in-tray. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

With two weeks to go I faced facts: I could afford the flights and hire car. I could scrape enough for the hotel but I would be as poor as a church mouse when there. Did I then pray for deliverance? Probably.

Hallelujah, over that next two weeks the orders came in. By the time I caught my flight I was working on five books. Such is life and I suppose most can identify with it.

At the moment I am re-writing / editing books for three clients. Keith Austin’s fictional novel tells of professional divers and their clients who, involved at the sharp end of ocean cable laying, are caught up in a James Bond type clandestine sting.

Tony Samson’s novel, again fictional, tells of a mysterious phenomena that affects a Cornish fishing community. Between us, Tony and I appear to have a knack for making a supernatural time-warp adventure believable.

My third client is Isabella Miram. An American lady, her bio is about the escape of two children from Germany during the collapse of the Third Reich. The gripping story is based on her family’s true experiences.

Strange as it may seem I am quite happy spending a nail biting day in a submersible on the Atlantic’s seabed. All I ask in return is that I can spend the next day avoiding the Waffen SS and on Wednesday I plan to sail the high seas on an 18th century sailing ship with ghosts.


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