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This blog seeks to inform and amuse with news and views, information and advice for those with writing as an interest. Feel free to write to me direct.

01 November 2011 @ 15:08

Are you a writer, artiste, celebrity or socialite; are you someone in the public eye or needs to be? If so you need the equivalent of today’s business card; the personal profile website. Think of it as an online full colour illustrated brochure of you and what you do.
Let us imagine someone is interested in you; who you are, what you do and perhaps what you can offer to them. Simply click and send them a link to your website; put your web address on stationery, business cards.  It is an online brochure. There will be one or two of your favourite photographs, portrait and performing, and a little about you. Your name and what you do: In my case ‘Michael Walsh International Journalist, Author and Ghost-Writer.
Follow this with a 100 – 150 description of yourself. I would write: ‘A professional journalist and writer, my work has appeared in media throughout the world. The author of eight books I ghost-writer for many authors. A columnist for the Euro Weekly News, which enjoys a readership of 500,000 each week, I write articles and comment on the human condition; contemporary life and I profile artistes and celebrities.
For twenty years a business mentor for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the United Kingdom’s largest quality assurance body. There are few as well qualified to identify and highlight the most important things about you and the service you provide.’ These are my 96 words. Perhaps glowing testimonials from people who think you are wonderful. What you offer. You will wish to add: ‘Contact me for further details, fees and services I offer’.
Do not worry if you are not good at that sort of thing or if your English is not good; I do this for you. All you need do is fill out the small questionnaire and leave me to do the rest. Ask for one.
When I have profiled you I return it to you for checking. Satisfied, I then hand it to my website creator and within seven days you have your online ‘brochure’ website for much less than the cost of conventional brochures, which anyway need to be physically distributed.
I add flair; I use word cosmetics to bring out the best in you so you become the most important person in the world to your fans and clients. You will read your own website and say: ‘woo-hoooo; is that me?
The total fee for your professionally written profile is just €150. It includes a FREE one-page website with appropriate domain name ( and email address. The future annual fee is just €50 for website administration. Should you require a more sophisticated web presence the fees are equally reasonable. Contact me now at

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