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This blog seeks to inform and amuse with news and views, information and advice for those with writing as an interest. Feel free to write to me direct.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. - Richard Bach.”
23 September 2011 @ 14:16

Most people have a story to tell: a novel, personal experiences, poetry, romance or lust, family history, there are hundreds of subjects. Many people have a compulsion to write and why not? Theirs will often be a fictional story written in the third person. The subject is limited only by the writer’s imagination. Writing a story or a book is a delightful self indulgence that is wonderfully therapeutic; a pleasurable work-out for the mind.


The reason most never get round to it is because they cannot write well. This is like not buying a car because one isn’t a mechanic. This is where your ghost-writer comes in. The ghost-writing solution is to bring poor writing up to blockbuster author standards. It is a modest and recoverable outlay. Yes, it is recoverable because the enhanced quality of the completed novel or biography offers opportunity to increase the book’s cover price when it goes on sale either as a conventional book or, better still, on hassle-free Amazon-Kindle.  Sales of Mills and Boon novels increased by nearly 70 per-cent when they made them available on Kindle readers.
Eighty per-cent of celebrity bios and forty per-cent of standard books are ghost-written; including those with famous names on their covers. You would be surprised at how many authors cannot write for toffee but they do have imagination and drive. Even Jeffrey Archer has a ghost to re-write his ‘scribble’. Your ghost-writer takes your work and by editing, adding flair and content, brings it to retail standards.
The initial assessment of what you have written is free. If you are serious about taking it further I re-write about 1,500 words free of charge.  This will give you an idea of your book's potential when corrected, edited and written with flair.
If you agree pre-publication improvement is needed the cost of professional editing and co-authoring will be just €20 per 1,000 completed words, payable in 15,000 word stages. By doing it this way both writing and payments are completed in digestible sections. There’s no big bill when your book is publisher ready.
Within three months your novel or biography is ready for publishing. You decide whether you wish to find a publisher or at modest cost place it with a professional who will take it that last mile; who will publish and market it online for you. You can then sit back, cross your fingers and watch the sales kicking cash into your bank account.
There are no guarantees in life of course. On the credit side of things, being a published author is a great party piece; everyone is proud of you. You get invites to book circles; get your name in the newspaper; you get talked about.  It is a great ice-breaker when socialising.  In the unlikely event you don’t make a fortune you will, through sales, recover much of your outlay.  Be an optimist: There are many millionaire authors, mostly self-made; the only difference between them and you is found in the words; self confidence and perseverance.
Note: For price and service comparisons I recommend you Google ‘ghost-writers.’ By doing so you will discover that my price and arrangement simply cannot be improved upon.

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