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it´s a dogs life

Hi all My name is Doris and I am a Spanish crossbreed who was rescued by my current owners (I say current because if things don´t change round here I´m off!) two years ago. In our house there is another dog, a grumpy old bitch named Molly and twin cats (not identical in looks or temper) Megan and Madge. Dad used to be President of our Urbanisation and now after three years Mum is El Presidente´same horse different jockey so to speak.

and life goes on
23 June 2008 @ 23:36

Well I had thought by now that someone would have taken the "oh what a cute puppy" in!   Either that or Mum or Dad standing in puddles of pee in the middle of the night would have soon got her rehomed, but no Blue the rescue pup is still here.

She is the first to be fed, and also sneaks in my bed the minute I get up for a drink.  Also to cap it all she always gets taken to the bar with Mum and Dad.  And squeek  you would think that someone was sticking a knife in her everytime Dad goes through the gate without her.  Grumpy Old Molly nipped her good and proper yesterday and that was okay by me.
Oh and now she thinks I am a horse.... where will it all end I ask myself?

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Chrissie1 said:
23 June 2008 @ 21:45

Oh but they are so cute. Hitching a ride, cant be bad.

Take care. Chrissie

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