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it´s a dogs life

Hi all

My name is Doris and I am a Spanish crossbreed who was rescued by my current owners (I say current because if things don´t change round here I´m off!) two years ago. In our house there is another dog, a grumpy old bitch named Molly and twin cats (not identical in looks or temper) Megan and Madge. Dad used to be President of our Urbanisation and now after three years Mum is El Presidente´same horse different jockey so to speak.

and life goes on
23 June 2008

Well I had thought by now that someone would have taken the "oh what a cute puppy" in!   Either that or Mum or Dad standing in puddles of pee in the middle of the night would have soon got her rehomed, but no Blue the rescue pup is still here.

She is the first to be fed, and also sneaks in my bed the minute I get up for a drink.  Also to cap it all she always gets taken to the bar with Mum and Dad.  And squeek  you would think that someone was sticking a knife in her everytime Dad goes through the gate without her.  Grumpy Old Molly nipped her good and proper yesterday and that was okay by me.
Oh and now she thinks I am a horse.... where will it all end I ask myself?

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Tiring life
12 June 2008

Well it has been an eventful week.  The grumpy old dog is more grumpy than  usual having been to the poodle parlour.  The puppy Blue is still here and whining like anything because Dad has gone out early on the hunt for petrol and has not taken her (the cheek of it he would never have taken me)
All three of us got packed in the car yesterday and taken to a place called Molins.  This is where both I and the pup where found so it was a bit nerve racking with the thought in my mind all the time that they were taking us back.  We raced and raced round the garden like mad women and on the whole had a great time.  The only thing that spoilt it was we were all lined up and had to be given antil flea treatment though personally speaking I love a good scratch.

Calling at the pet shop on the way home Mum bought us the most amazing tugger and this is my favourite toy although the runt Blue thinks it is hers and takes it to bed I know it is mine.  Well what with getting up twice every night to take the pup out for a wee, chasing round the garden with her and now the new tugger it is a tiring life, better get back to bed before Dad comes back and gets the leads out.

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oh boy that was great
06 June 2008

Just back from my morning walk across the fields, and for the first time the puppy blue came too.  Moany Molly the grumpy old bitch has been banned from the field walk because she rolls in any poo she finds, which I think is funny if disgusting!
There was a great to do, as I spotted a rabbit and was off like the wind wow what a chase and I would have got it if the little runt had not followed me and we got called back!
Then she puts this pity me look on and Dad carries her home, what about me?  yes I have to walk and I ran the most and the fastest so you would think that I would be carried.
Now to find a patch in the garden out of the sun, and out of view of the pup!

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Home alone
05 June 2008

Yesterday was a day to remember.  First the humans were rushing around like madhatters because someone... they were looking at me, but I don´t think it was my fault...  had not put the alarm on.  The old mongrol Molly was due at the poodle parlour (about time she is rank!) and there was now no time for my morning constitution.

Off they go in the car, but wait what is going on here?  Not only are they taking the grumpy old mongrol they are taking the little runt pup as well but what about me?

Well I wait, and I wait, I chew a few pegs off the airer,  bark for a while,  and sit in my armchair and still no one appears.
Might as well do a spot of gardening then so I dig a great big hole and have a whale of a time.  People passing by think its great and it seems to cheer everyone up for some reason so I dig deeper and wider and pull a few of those coloured things out as well.  Dad will be pleased when he gets home because someone passing just said so,  Hearing this  I dig even deeper cause I do love my Dad.

Wow he went balistic, seems I am the one "who has to go" now.  Funny these humans aren´t they?

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a Doris ditty
02 June 2008

My name is Doris and I´m a dog
that why I find it hard to blog
I really try my best to say
what happens to me every day
but walks and sleep get in my way
and little pups who want to play
so please be kind and bear with me
I have to go its time for tea!

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oh this is great
01 June 2008

There am I laid in the garden having a siesta when a neighbour calls by.  Bearing in mind I am waiting for the little Blue runt to be transported back to whence it came I am having a lovely dream.  Well all hell breaks loose with the grumpy bitch Molly and the little Blue runt barking for Spain so I have to do my bit and join in, barking over the neigbour comes in and the chatter begins.

Mum has more of a happy face on now, and not so much of a bashed crab look and I suppose it is because the new pup is going ...... what !!  she is telling the neighbour what a cute little thing it is and how it was homeless and how she just loves it and is taking it to the vets for chips (I just get biscuits and tinned meat) and passport !  Well I suppose if it is getting a passport it is getting transported somewhere out of here.

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oh what a night
01 June 2008

Blimey what a night with the runt from hell, best bit was the words " John she is going to have to go back!"  hurray yippee that means I can have my bed back
and also be first in line for the food.  Well when she had finished weeing and chewing the curtain tie backs she found a pair of Dad´s socks.  Mum went barmy but not at Blue (strange) she shouted at poor old Dad who was fast asleep at the time (wish I had been) and had nothing to do with it, something to do with a washing basket, strange these humans.  Then she got a smack and put back in the blue basket for the 100th time and finally went to sleep.  Less than an hour later the neighbours alarm went of and grumpy old Molly, the little Blue runt and I all went  out barking like mad at 2 am when mum went to see if there was a problem!  Nobody dare do anything wrong this morning as Mum has a face like a bashed crab!  Oh well she will get over it.  Wonder what time they are taking the runt back?

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31 May 2008

No walk today due to the weather!  Still made up for it chasing the little runt around.  While the humans were busy she ate a brand new shoe, wow did she cower I would never be so obvious in my feelings I think she has a lot to learn.  Well meal time is here so I had better get in the (lengthy) queue, hope that there is enough for me as I am a growing girl.

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been busy
31 May 2008

Well would  you believe it, those humans that I live with (if  you can call it living) have brough a midget into the home!  Not only is it nicking my food it is nicking my bed!  With the stupid name of Blue (it is Brown I know my colours) it seems to be making itself at home and is not only a barker and a chewer (Mum says it will have to go)  it is a wee-er too!
Can you imagine getting up for a drink in the night and standing in a puddle of pee - urgh

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time for bed
28 May 2008

Well thats about it for my first days blogging, not really much to it once you get the hang of the mouse thing.  Talking to my mate Megan (the black cat not the ratty black and white one) she has had control of the mouse loads of times!

Tea was not up to much once I got it but it was a fight as usual to see who could finish first.  Four pairs of eyes on Dad´s Fray Bentos steak pie and chips but did we get any?  No, nope, nothing nada not even a sniff.  Oh well off to bed now, I will wait while Dad´s asleep then cry to go out that will teach him

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