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it´s a dogs life

Hi all My name is Doris and I am a Spanish crossbreed who was rescued by my current owners (I say current because if things don´t change round here I´m off!) two years ago. In our house there is another dog, a grumpy old bitch named Molly and twin cats (not identical in looks or temper) Megan and Madge. Dad used to be President of our Urbanisation and now after three years Mum is El Presidente´same horse different jockey so to speak.

been busy
31 May 2008 @ 13:41

Well would  you believe it, those humans that I live with (if  you can call it living) have brough a midget into the home!  Not only is it nicking my food it is nicking my bed!  With the stupid name of Blue (it is Brown I know my colours) it seems to be making itself at home and is not only a barker and a chewer (Mum says it will have to go)  it is a wee-er too!
Can you imagine getting up for a drink in the night and standing in a puddle of pee - urgh

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Paris said:
31 May 2008 @ 17:07

I really feel for you. If that was me I'd be well upset. Maybe you need to make the "midget" feel uncomfortable. It's just not on!

Chanel said:
06 June 2008 @ 09:50

Hey, leave the little runt alone!! you started life like that!!

Blue looks just like me when I was Younger. I am now 16 months and Mum and Dad say I am great!! Well apart from digging there garden when they are out!! (Well they shouldn't leave me alone!!) I am sure that Blue will grow up and be as beautiful as me if you let her!!

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