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This blog is intended to be helpful to English-speaking foreign residents in Spain by explaining "How to ... " do certain things. "The Crazy Guy" has lived in Spain full time since 2008. A fluent Spanish-speaker he reckons he knows his way round the bureaucracy, the indifference and sometimes downright rudeness of "funcionarios".

Vaseline - a Wonder Product!
Saturday, March 30, 2024 @ 8:00 PM

10 uses for Vaseline in Your Home

By The Crazy Guy


I guess we all have a jar or tin of Vaseline at home. Something we use rarely, mostly for sore lips in winter.

It’s a lubricant, petroleum jelly, in fact - keep your dirty thoughts to yourselves, BTW!

But there are other uses (apart from in the bedroom).

Take a look at these ideas:






1. Unstick a Stubborn Lock

Got a key that won't turn smoothly in a lock? A dab of Vaseline can make keys glide into locks dead easy. It's a simple fix for an annoying problem!


2. Shine Up Leather Goods

Give your leather bags and belts a new lease of life with a touch of Vaseline. It helps keep the leather soft and adds a subtle sheen, making your accessories look brand new!

Photo courtesy of Amazon


3. Squeak-No-More

Those annoying squeaky hinges on doors or cabinets? A bit of Vaseline can quiet them down instantly. It’s a handy and quick lubricant that you probably didn't think of using this way! Better than messy oil.

Photo courtesy of UAP Corporate


Vaseline works magically on squeaky hinges!


4. Prevent Battery Corrosion

A thin layer of Vaseline on your car battery terminals can help prevent corrosion. Extend the life of your battery with this simple trick - who knew car maintenance could involve Vaseline?

Photo courtesy of Halfords


5. Ease Sticky Drawers and Windows

Stuck window or drawer? Apply a little Vaseline to the tracks or sides, and they'll slide open and closed effortlessly. It’s a fantastic solution for those frustrating jams!


6. DIY Candle Holder Cleaner

Remove leftover wax easily from candle holders by first coating the inside with Vaseline. After the candle burns down, the wax slides right out. It’s a neat trick for candle lovers!


7. Preserve Outdoor Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs in outdoor fixtures can get corroded and hard to remove. A thin Vaseline coat before screwing them in can prevent this. Practical and smart, right?


8. Keep Your Pumpkin Fresh

After carving your Halloween pumpkin, smear Vaseline on the cut edges. This trick keeps your spooky creation from drying out and wilting too soon!

Photo courtesy of Freepik


9. Protect Outdoor Tools

Coat your garden tools with Vaseline before storing them. It helps prevent rust and keeps them in tip-top shape for gardening season.

Photo courtesy of Haxnicks


10. Protect your Pet's Paws

In winter, protect your pet's paws from salt and snow by rubbing a bit of Vaseline on their pads before walks. It’s a pet-friendly use that’s both caring and effective!

Photo courtesy of Healthy Pet



Try these ideas out and experience the magic of Vaseline in your daily life.

Who’d a thought it!


© The Crazy Guy






Healthy Pet


UAP Corporate




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