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This blog is intended to be helpful to English-speaking foreign residents in Spain by explaining "How to ... " do certain things. "The Crazy Guy" has lived in Spain full time since 2008. A fluent Spanish-speaker he reckons he knows his way round the bureaucracy, the indifference and sometimes downright rudeness of "funcionarios".

Monday, March 25, 2024 @ 10:17 AM

When The Crazy Guy moved in to his new home near Ronda in 2011, he shipped over a container full of his furniture, garden equipment, tools and other stuff from the UK.

Included was a wooden "lovers' seat" for the garden. It's been well used in the intervening 13 years, but has suffered from the weather: extreme sunshine, freezing temperatures and pouring rain from time to time.

Rather than dump this seat, he decided to revive his woodworking skills from school 60 years ago!


How did he get on?


To dump or renovate?

Given the cost of garden furniture these days, whether wooden, metal or plastic, I decided to have a go at renovating this item.

First of all I cannibalised some other garden furniture in worse condition and harvested wood recycled from pallets.

Secondly, I cut out or removed the rotten timber.










Next I selected decent recycled wood and cut it to size.













Then I screwed the new timber in place.


Finishing the job

A quick rub down and I applied two coats of preservative paint.













The cost?

I already had the paint, the recycled wood was free and my time, around two hours, was also not charged.

Not bad eh?


© The Crazy Guy



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