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Shall I stay or shall I go?

Here we are in soggy Tunbridge Wells, in a house we hate, but still we can't quite make the decision to leave. This is the story of why we are in this position, and hopefully how eventually we'll change life for the better. Maybe it will ring a few bells with some of you!

We’re almost there.
Saturday, April 7, 2018 @ 3:53 PM

June 2017

Well it's happened.

We've both been back in the UK now for a couple of weeks, and James is really struggling to re-acclimatise and has told me he doesn't want to be here any more, and I almost agree.The problem is that we can't afford to retire......

April 2018

The above paragraph was written last year as you can see, but a lot has happened since then.  

Number 2 Son has moved out to a house share, Number 1 Son has declared that he and his Japanese wife and 3 kids are going to live in Japan for 3 years, and James and I find that apart from earning a living, there is little to keep us in Blighty all year.

So....... we have sold our house and we move into an even smaller one next week, and hopefully will be really able to live in both countries. The house we have bought is perfect for letting out if we decide to move permanently to Spain, which will give us a small but regular income. 

I still can’t quite bring myself to leave my life in the UK permanently, but the ties are loosening. 

I’m currently sitting in our bungalow in Estepona next to the gas fire in APRIL! So I’m not delusional, about life here, I know it can be blooming cold and boring, but that applies, wherever you are really.

James comes down here on a one way ticket via ferry with dog early next month, and will stay until he gets too bored or broke, I’ll come and go, but the clincher is where the cat lives!

You can move a dog back and forwards, but cats are territorial, and they hate change, especially mine who had a hard kittenhood.

The day the cat comes to Spain is the day we become resident, simples! 

p.s. I buy and sell designer and vintage fashion for a living, have done for 30years, would like to continue, but I don’t really want to do outdoor markets, (been there, done that), any advice on how to continue with my hobby/ trade would be  very welcome. I do a bit online, but mainly supply other dealers nowadays.


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