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Exploring the Vibrant Festivals of Spain in July and August 2024
Saturday, June 15, 2024 @ 7:14 PM

Spain, a country synonymous with vibrant festivals and cultural extravaganzas, offers an exciting lineup of events during the months of July and August. These summer months are a time when Spain bursts into a kaleidoscope of colour, music, and celebration, showcasing the rich traditions and modern vibrancy of its many regions. From the beats of flamenco to the rush of bull runs, the festivals during these months are a testament to Spain's enduring cultural heritage and its embrace of the joys of summer. Here, we delve into some of the most anticipated festivals set to take place in Spain during July and August 2024.

July Festivals in Spain


San Fermín (Pamplona)

When: July 6-14, 2024
The San Fermín festival, held in the historic city of Pamplona, is famously known for its encierro, or running of the bulls, an event that has captured the imagination of the world. It's a week of non-stop festivities that include traditional dances, parades, and bullfights. The San Fermín festival is a blend of courage, tradition, and endless fun, attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe. Donning the traditional white attire with red sashes and neckerchiefs, participants and spectators immerse themselves in what is undoubtedly one of Spain's most exhilarating festivals.


International Festival of Music and Dance (Granada)

When: Late June to Mid-July 2024 (Exact dates TBD)
Drawing from Granada’s magical backdrop, the International Festival of Music and Dance is a celebration of the arts set within the iconic precincts of the Alhambra Palace, among other historical sites. Classical music, ballet, and flamenco performances by international and Spanish artists create an enchanting experience. It's a harmonious tribute to the cultural legacy of Granada, making it a must-visit for art lovers.


August Festivals in Spain


La Tomatina (Buñol)

When: Last Wednesday of August 2024
La Tomatina is quite literally the messiest, yet one of the most fun-filled festivals in Spain, if not the world. Held in the small town of Buñol, participants from all over the globe gather for the world's biggest tomato fight. For several hours, the town transforms into a sea of red as thousands of people hurl tomatoes at each other. It's a unique spectacle that embodies the spirit of good-natured fun and camaraderie.


Festa Major de Gràcia (Barcelona)

When: August 15-21, 2024
Barcelona's vibrant neighborhood of Gràcia hosts its Festa Major, a community-driven festival renowned for its elaborate street decorations created by the residents. Each street competes for the title of best-decorated street, turning the area into an open-air art gallery. Alongside the visual feast, there’s a plethora of concerts, workshops, and traditional Catalan activities, making it a quintessential celebration of community and creativity.


Semana Grande (Bilbao)

When: Sat, 17 Aug 2024 – Sun, 25 Aug 2024

Semana Grande, or Aste Nagusia, is Bilbao’s biggest festival, celebrating Basque culture with a week-long extravaganza of sports, concerts, street theatre, fireworks, and traditional Basque dance performances. The festival centres around the figure of Marijaia, the symbol of the festivities, who is ceremoniously burnt at the end, marking the conclusion of the celebrations. It’s a vibrant showcase of the Basque spirit, inviting everyone to partake in the festivities.


Spain in July and August 2024 promises a rich tapestry of experiences for any traveller. Each festival, with its unique charm and tradition, offers a window into the soul of Spain. Whether it's the adrenaline rush of San Fermín, the artistic elegance of the International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada, the sheer joy of La Tomatina, the community spirit of Festa Major de Gràcia, or the cultural pride of Semana Grande, Spain's summer festivals are a celebration of life itself. These events not only reflect the diversity and richness of Spanish culture but also offer an unforgettable experience to those lucky enough to partake. As the summer of 2024 beckons, Spain readies itself once again to showcase its heritage, its warmth, and its vibrancy through these spectacular festivals.

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