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Things That Only Happen in Spain When Summer Arrives
Friday, June 30, 2023 @ 8:40 PM



As the insistent Spanish sun begins to hang around longer each day, you know that summer is well and truly on its way. From neighborhood fiestas to siesta times, here are a few uniquely Spanish happenings that signal the arrival of the much-anticipated summer season.

A Symphony of Street Sounds

Spanish towns and cities get a remarkable soundtrack during the summer. As local councils begin to set up makeshift stages for countless concerts and theatrical performances, the melodious strains of flamenco, pop, or reggae become a familiar background noise. And it's not only about music. Listen carefully, and you might hear the sizzling of a distant barbeque or the clatter of castanets from an impromptu street performance.

The Great Migration to the Coast

Spain is blessed with an abundance of beautiful coastlines and when summer arrives, locals from the inland regions head to Spain's many playas to escape the rising temperatures. From the beautiful bays of the Costa Brava to the stunning beaches of the Costa de la Luz, expect to see a major influx of beachgoers armed with their coolers, sun shades, and floating inflatables.

Night Markets and Open Air Cinemas

With Mediterranean temperatures pleasant even after dark, summer in Spain offers the perfect opportunity for night markets and open-air cinemas. Lively street markets become a common sight, selling everything from handmade trinkets to delicious food. Similarly, you find locals and tourists gathered in public squares, watching films under the starlit sky—an iconic summer experience.

The Return of Terraza Culture

One of the mainstays of Spanish culture is the terraza, or outdoor seating area. As soon as summer arrives, terrazas seem to pop up everywhere, from city squares to seafront promenades. They quickly become social hubs, where people gather to enjoy a leisurely coffee, a tapas crawl, or simply to watch the world go by.

All-Night Fiestas

Finally, summer in Spain wouldn't be complete without the infamous all-night fiestas. Almost every city, town, and village hosts its own summer festival. Join the locals and let loose to energetic music, enjoy traditional parades, witness eye-catching fireworks, and even participate in peculiar rituals like tomato-throwing (La Tomatina) or running with the bulls (San Fermin).

Spain truly comes alive in summer, revealing an effervescent spirit that's infectious. Whether you are touring the metropolitan cities or idyllic coastal towns, you will indubitably come across and take part in these quintessentially Spanish experiences that make the country so enchanting during the sun-drenched season.

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