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Recommended European Destinations for an Autumn Getaway
Wednesday, September 7, 2022 @ 10:09 PM

Just a few days ago the lights went out for the summer holidays and professionals in the tourism sector are already planning their autumn getaways, before the economic forecasts worsen and taking advantage of the fact that the pandemic has not revived this summer.

The British, who are among the most active tourists in Europe, are already preparing their trips for the last four months of the year 2022. The Daily Mail collects in a report a study that analyzes 20 European destinations and recommends them based on price.

According to the Post Office Travel Money City Costs Barometer, Athens is Britons' top-rated destination for a European getaway this fall, ahead of Lisbon (second) and Krakow, Poland (third). The most expensive city in the ranking is Amsterdam.

The classification is made based on the analysis of 12 typical tourist expenses, which include a dinner for two with wine, drinks, two nights of three-star accommodation, tourist visits and urban transport.

Riga (Latvia) and Budapest (Hungary) are the next cheapest recommended destinations. Among the other cities that have a good value for money according to the report are Prague, and the first Spanish city: Madrid, in seventh place, with 345 euros spent, according to the index.



Berlin, Dubrovnik and Rome are the cities that follow the Spanish capital in the Post Office Travel Money City Costs Barometer ranking. "Madrid, Berlin and Rome have established destinations for city breaks making their first appearance in the top 10," says the barometer.

Analysing why Amsterdam came in last place and Venice just above, the barometer explains it like this: "Both have been affected by a shortage of hotel beds, which has led to sharp increases in the price of accommodation."

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