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The Main Symptoms of Covid Now
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 @ 9:57 PM

The new variants of the coronavirus have forced a permanent adaptation due to the change in symptoms over time. A recent study carried out in the United Kingdom shows that some ailments are no longer frequent and give way to other conditions when the disease develops.

The report has 17,500 participants who had tested positive for coronavirus and states that the most frequent symptoms range from sore throat and headache to cough or runny nose, among others in which the so-called coryza is found, a more unknown symptom for the general public.

What is coryza?
Coryza, also known as acute rhinitis, is an inflammation of the mucosa of the nose that occurs mainly as a result of diseases with inflammation of the nostrils. In turn, it comes with other symptoms such as sneezing, obstruction or runny nose.

It is a cold that can lead to other complications such as sinusitis if there is no treatment, and that comes from causes such as allergic rhinitis caused by pollen or other changes in the weather; a viral infection associated with the flu, cold, headache, muscle ache, or fever; and an infection that comes from bacteria.

The United Kingdom study, prepared by scientists from King's College London, the country's health system (NHS) and data from the Zoe Covid application, attests that coryza has occurred in 40% of cases, being the fifth most frequent symptom of those affected.

The main symptoms of Covid as of now, according to the data from this study,  are these:

Sore throat - occurs in 58% of those affected
Headache - 49%
Stuffy nose - 40%
Dry cough - 40%
Coryza - 40%
Cough with phlegm - 37%
hoarse voice - 35%
Sneezing - 32%
Fatigue - 27%
Muscle pain - 25%
Nausea - 18%
Swelling in the neck - 15%
Eye pain - 14%
Loss of smell - 10%

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