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The endless rescue work of Angie McCready, on the Costa Blanca

Angie moved to the Southern Costa Blanca inland from Alicante 9 years ago from the UK. She hadn't realized the plight of dogs here until she arrived. She was shocked, outraged, and felt she needed to do something. She was soon bottle feeding puppies that had been found dumped in bins, picking up strays from the street, and finding them new homes. Many didn't even go any further than Angie's home... She's a confirmed failed fosterer on more than one occasion. At the last count she has 11 ranging from quite small dogs to a Spanish Mastiff who is the gentlest dog ever.

Life goes on as manic as ever at Casa McCready
31 March 2015 @ 16:23

I know it has been some time since I last blogged for Angie but I blog for others in need too & I'm currently on holiday so I'm not doing as much. 

Since I last blogged most of the dogs fostered & reared by Angie now have new homes all over & doing well with their furever families. 



I want to tell you now about Lily. Angie saw this extremely pregnant dog (who she later named Lily) on Facebook in a kill shelter in Malaga. She said "I can't look away!" With team work they managed to get Lily out and she was taken to Angie. 

Angie has made this page about Lily, "Lily's Story", please check it out if you're on Facebook. I realise many aren't so I'll endeavour to tell you about how Lily is getting on & show you too.


Lily was safe and out of the perrera & being cared for prior to being taken to Angie's.


Below: Lily's arrival at Angie's 




Below: Lily met the rest of Angie's dogs. No problems whatsoever. She's so sweet.



Angie took Lily to her vets for a check up & scan. They could see at least five puppies. The vet said she was due in about a week.

Lily had a good night. Angie moved her into the puppy pen yesterday where she can have her puppies in private. She LOVES her food and was very vocal with a very waggy tail when Angie took her breakfast to her. Lily is so affectionate and rubs her head into you when you make a fuss of her. Another little girl with a permanent smiley face. 


Angie had asked the vet to look at one of her eyes because she has a white spot on her cornea. She said she's had an ulcer in the past, it's not hurting her at all and doesn't need any treatment.


Below: Happy Lily



Below: Come on Lily. (No pups yet!) 



Finally Lily had 6 pups...4 boys, 2 girls ... without problems.

Early in the morning Angie realised Lily was really poorly & she took her straight to the vets. She had a scan which showed up the problem, she had Pyometra. She hadn't eaten since she had the puppies on Monday.

Angie left Lily in the very capable hands of her vet, Rosa Torres Brotons, who spayed Lily as soon as her temperature was lower later that day. Meanwhile Angie had to bottle feed the six puppies. 

Below: Evening: Lily is home
Lily had to have emergency surgery this morning because she had Pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus (womb).  It is a common condition in older female dogs that have not been speyed, but can occur in un-speyed dogs of any age. She is ok, but has very little milk so Angie is bottle feeding the puppies for a couple of days every 3 or 4 hours until Lily starts to eat, feels better, and starts to produce some milk. 




All the puppies fed reasonably well from the bottle late last night except the brown one, so Angie syringe fed him. I let them all sleep with Lily last night for the warmth and comfort. This morning Angie was up at 4.30am again. The pups were all restless and obviously hungry so she gave them a feed. Again the brown one objected. All the rest had a good feed and put back with Lily with a hot water bottle. Lily ate a small amount last night but she wasn't hungry this morning. Angie checked on Lily every 2 hours when she fed the pups. 


Below: Little brown boy is now feeding from a bottle.


26/3 evening: At last Lily has eaten!!! First time since Saturday!! Angie had been trying to tempt Lily with all sorts but she wasn't interested. This afternoon she's had sardines, tuna, chicken and 2 bowls of diluted puppy milk! 

What a difference a day makes. Lily was much brighter in herself this morning. She had a good breakfast followed by diluted puppy milk. Last night Angie bottle fed the puppies last thing but they weren't too hungry. At 5am she tried again to feed them but they didn't want it, all apart from one, so Lily must have some milk coming through. They are fat and content.



Below: Lily is on the mend 


Below: Everything is wonderful


Below: Pups are 9 days old now. Lily is the perfect mummy.She is a bit wary of the camera but as long as Angie fusses her she's ok with it. Their eyes will be open any day now. Some of them have black noses.



Donations are urgently sought to pay vets bills for all that has already happened plus it's ongoing. The pups will need vaccinations initially. Lily needs good food to keep her healthy, all this comes from kind well wishers. 

Paypal address for Angie is


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