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The endless rescue work of Angie McCready, on the Costa Blanca

Angie moved to the Southern Costa Blanca inland from Alicante 9 years ago from the UK. She hadn't realized the plight of dogs here until she arrived. She was shocked, outraged, and felt she needed to do something. She was soon bottle feeding puppies that had been found dumped in bins, picking up strays from the street, and finding them new homes. Many didn't even go any further than Angie's home... She's a confirmed failed fosterer on more than one occasion. At the last count she has 11 ranging from quite small dogs to a Spanish Mastiff who is the gentlest dog ever.

The Frozen Family
09 January 2015 @ 16:47

Since I last wrote certain puppies & foster dogs have either found new homes or are now fostered elsewhere & Angie has taken on an urgent case of a Podenca mum with her four puppies. 

Read about The Frozen Family on their help page on Facebook, please click here.

Angie saw details of the mum and pups posted on Facebook. They were in a perrera in Valencia & Angie had problems getting them transported to her in the Alicante area. 

A lady eventually brought them to Angie's in her the boot!! The boot was awash with worms that they had vomitted up on the journey.

They were in a very bad way...bloated yet very skinny. The mum had no milk.. she was regurgitating her food for them up to until Wednesday. Angie has now separated her from the pups.

Obviously the vet has been to see them, they've wanted for nothing!

They are all coughing and one pup has a problem with her legs which have deteriorated since yesterday. Angie is taking her to the vet tonight ...9th ..about it.


Please watch & enjoy these videos, they show how well they're thriving now. Initially, before Angie took them, there were seven puppies, three died in the perrera & that was why it was urgent someone took them into foster care.

As usual, Angie opened her home & her heart.

If you'd care to help with expenses for this family please Paypal Angie at this address

Donations are always needed.

Angie's Facebook page is here 


Below: New pod mum & her pups


Below: All feeding well
They have got the runs, and there's blood in it. Will see what the vet suggests when she sees them later on. I haven't seen anymore worms since this morning, but they are still having little coughing bouts as is mum. 


Below: Feeling a bit better today


Below: Bambi


Below: Last one for today


Below: Bambi has time out of the pen
In Angie own words "It's funny.. how with experience of rescuing dogs learn to read what they are trying to say. Bambi was definitely telling me this morning she wanted out of the pen. Boy did she look happy running round the garden and having a good sniff around. I've barricaded the 2 pens off so she can have some "Bambi" time away from her pups if she wishes. I'm so pleased she's looking and feeling so much better this morning. I will introduce her to my own pack in a couple of days time and I'm sure there wont be any problems. Next week she will have blood tests to make sure she isn't suffering with any Med diseases. Way to go Bambi"


Below: She loved her freedom


Below: Bambi, such a pretty happy little girl
Bambi is very young, I think less than a year old. She has the sweetest nature and is learning what it is to be loved. She still like to spend some time in with her pups and soon lets me know when she's had enough of them and want to join the rest of the gang. She hasn't yet found the courage to come into the house of her own accord, but I don't think it will be long before she's stretched out on the sofa along with the rest of the dogs. Next week she will be having blood tests, vaccinations and then spayed. 



Below: Pups have been here a week now


Below: First time in the garden for The Frozen Puppies


Below: One has a dodgy leg.. 
One of the females seems to have a problem with her front leg.


Below: Pups enjoying treats sent by a lovely lady

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