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The endless rescue work of Angie McCready, on the Costa Blanca

Angie moved to the Southern Costa Blanca inland from Alicante 9 years ago from the UK. She hadn't realized the plight of dogs here until she arrived. She was shocked, outraged, and felt she needed to do something. She was soon bottle feeding puppies that had been found dumped in bins, picking up strays from the street, and finding them new homes. Many didn't even go any further than Angie's home... She's a confirmed failed fosterer on more than one occasion. At the last count she has 11 ranging from quite small dogs to a Spanish Mastiff who is the gentlest dog ever.

Mixed news, some sad, some good.
26 February 2014 @ 10:33

From Angie yesterday.....

"Today has been really difficult, it's sad news. 

Nelson is - as I thought - blind in his left eye and can't see much, if anything in his right eye. The vet has said it would be better, when he is a bit older, to remove his left eye. 

Rosie has an ulcer in her left eye which will now be treated with drops. 

Cain also has something wrong with his left eye and I've to use the same drops.

I can only imagine it's from the poor diet that Missy was eating during her pregnancy that's caused this. 

Toto has gone downhill quite quickly today. I've taken him away from the rest and he's been living inside my dressing gown with a hot water bottle. He's lethargic, cold and he isn't feeding. I did put him in with the galgo pups I have been rearing, I had to take him out of the litter and am now hand rearing him. He has eaten 2 meals this afternoon after I'd hydrated him with a syringe of puppy milk."

BUT...we do have some good news...
"One of my good doggy friends, Jacky Hazeleger, is taking the 2 galgo pups I'm hand rearing to take the workload off me, They leave here on Thursday AND she is also going to take Toto. This is excellent as Toto, although now 3 or 4 weeks old, is the same size as the galgo pups, and settles with them between feeds in the box. If I keep him here on his own he won't fare so well."

Below: Missy is more relaxed.

  From Angie around 9am:

"Toto had a good night, he had some food at about 1am, then more at 4am, then a really good meal at 7am, each time followed by 3 mls of puppy milk. He's had a poo and plenty of pee's, and is looking much better. 

I spent the night on the sofa along with Ringo, Lucy, (and Toto inside my dressing gown ). I fed the two Galgo pups at 1am and again at 4am.

Missy was soooo pleased to see me this morning. Tail wagging, lots of body wriggles, but she still runs into the kennel when iIopen the gate. She's definitely getting better.

The puppies are all but weaned. They have 4 meals a day, but obviously still suckling."

Please, if possible, donate a few euros to help fund the vets bill for Missy & her pups, for their everyday needs too. The shelter they came from who helps has many other commitments so it would help them too.

Paypal address for Angie is this

Missy's Journey  Facebook link is here

Angie's Facebook link is here

Angie's Amazon Wish List link is here


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