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Our Andalusian Adventure

Our Andalusian Adventure is me trying to let you into our journey from the UK to a small village in the mountains, myself Danni, Paul, our two daughters Olivia and Chloe and our pets Ted the staffie and Duke and Duchess our cats.

Aclimatising while stIll in the UK
27 June 2018

With the UK sizzling in a Heatwave right now i'm thinking this could be to my advantage! The 4 of us plus the dog and cats could benefit from this and maybe the Espanol Sol won't be so much of a shock.

The packing is going well, after a move 3 years ago i thought we had got rid of alot of our junk but once again we are going through and sending many bags to the charity shops. We will be pouring our life's contents into a large van along with sofa's and beds. It is a constant worry if we'll fit it all in. I am being very ruthless and trying hard not to take anything that isn't essential. 

Olivia is becoming a bit of worry for us, she is getting increasingly worried and she has some strange idea that if she doesn't like Spain that we will all go back to the UK.... For her it's the people she is leaving behing irrespective of the new friends she will make. It must be hard for her being 10 and especially as she has never been to the house. We definitely need to make more of an effort showing her on the internet where we will be and all the fun places we can visit. Maybe this will help ease her concerns. I'd love to hear from other expats who have been through a similar move.

I've still not been sucessful in adding adsense to my blogs, if anyone has any answers i'd appreciate it.

Anyway, I must dash the sun is calling before I have to go into school and help for the afternoon. Adios!

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Everyday's a School day
14 June 2018

I never thought that moving to Spain would contain so many different components and a never ending amount of research.  Just this week i have been learning how many cardboard boxes you can fit in to a 15 cubic metre long wheel base van, the answer is 120 boxes of 50cm2 in case anyone wanted to know.

Cats and Dogs only need a Microchip and a Rabies vaccine to travel to Spain.           

How to purchase a car.              

You can renew your UK Passport whilst in Spain through the GOV.UK website.                                                          

You must change your driving licence within 2 years of living in Spain. I was hoping to chill out in Spain for a little while but is this just a dream...... 

All of the above learning is going on while i carry on with my job, help out at the local school and all the other jobs a mum has to do.  I must say i am feeling tired today, i'm putting my feet up while i write this. This morning was a big deal for our town as the Ovo Women's Cycle Tour latest stage started here. I rushed over to the start just in time and the excitement was fabulous. The speed that these ladies go and how close they are to one another is truly amazing. The highlights are on TV tonight i will have to watch and see how they got on. Fingers crossed they didn't catch me whooping as they began their long race! Apologies again for the wrongly rotated and wind swept photo i assume these blogs don't like portrait photos?

Another thing i must figure out is Google Adsense if any fellow bloggers have insights to the URL they used please get in touch.

Until next time......

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Alot of information from the Vet....
07 June 2018

I had to take Ted our dog to the Vet's this morning for his annual booster, and it just so happens that the Vet was Spanish, so when i asked him about the passport and our plans he filled me in on the dangers in Spain. I am now panicking slightly about this but i suppose i will have to do some more research on good old Google! He was telling me of the dangers from Mosquito's and the ghastly Processionary Caterpillar! I understand the Mosquito but the caterpillar who nests in Pine trees and then drops on the floor and can land on your head or get picked up by a dog. Consequently they then have to have their tongues removed!!!! This was far too much information and then to show me photos of these poor dogs, i mean i hadn't long had breakfast!  He did say to me that you would be unlucky if this happended but it's best to know about it. There i was worrying about Snakes or Wild Boar oh no the insects are the one's to watch out for. I need to seriously swat up on this so i can sleep at night. I have no idea if our cats are in for the same problems or maybe even more, i will find out soon enough as it is their turn for the Vets next Thursday. Oh the joys of owning pets. 

On a different note as if by magic our girls have really got into learning the language due to Duolingo, they both have the app and are doing really well. I must say it is very child friendly and both of them voluntarily decided to give it a go. I am very proud of them but they do seem to pick it up very easily. 

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