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Our Andalusian Adventure

Our Andalusian Adventure is me trying to let you into our journey from the UK to a small village in the mountains, myself Danni, Paul, our two daughters Olivia and Chloe and our pets Ted the staffie and Duke and Duchess our cats.

New life, New house, New School,
20 September 2018 @ 16:08

Four weeks since my last blog and it would make your head spin the amount of different tasks we've had to do.

So, we flew out on the last Sunday of August having to get up at some ungodly hour of 3am, Paul crawled out of the house with 2 cats and 1 dog all ready in their flight crates. (The pets have to arrive 3 hours before their flight). My father in law kindly took us to Luton airport an hour later so we could catch all flight altogether. People above and pets underneath in the hold. I was very aprehensive about flying the pets but it did make a lot of sense in the end and i had to try and block the worry out. We flew with TUI and they were fantastic, the stewardess asked us about our journey and once she realised we were leaving the UK and starting a new life she surprised us with 2 bottle's of wine and sweets for the girls and a lovely note from them all wishing us luck - How kind heart

After a very quick flight to Malaga, we arrived and as we had to hire a car we waited a eternity at the check in desk, then we had to find the export depot to collect the furry ones. This was not easy and the directions were rubbish, after searching for a while we did find them if only the entrance in was clear we could of saved ourselves another 20 minutes!! We were finally reunited with them 12 hours after saying bye and yes they were shellshocked but 24 hours later Ted and Duke were absoloutely fine Duchess on the other hand was still very wary.

Once we had collected them from the airport we then had to meet the estate agent nearby, then we could finally get to our village and show our girls their new home smiley Exhausted but so happy that we all made it and the sun was shining!! 

Skip forward a while we've all really enjoyed getting to know the village, settling the girls into school, trying to pick up the language, fumbling our way through the ways and wonder of ur new destination. We already feel heathier, fitter and our heads feel clearer. It must be all the lengths of the pool, clean mountain air and all the walks we've been on trying to find the best view laughWe do feel very lucky it is a stunningly beautiful place and have met some great people already and today we have internet, ha ha what more could we ask for. 

I will try and write a more detailed blog of our last 3 weeks next week when i will hopefully have more time....


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Lifeline said:
22 September 2018 @ 06:13

!lovely story.Keep it coming! Reminds me of our experience similar in 2008 with a 10 year old.

DANNI1 said:
22 September 2018 @ 09:02

Thanks Lifeline, I will try and find your story now. I must make more time to write our story down especially as some of it has had me in stitches!

anthomo16 said:
22 September 2018 @ 09:04

lovely - so glad you are settling in well I coudn't manage that hill but the place looks stunning

midasgold said:
22 September 2018 @ 09:57

Well done - 100% hard work but 100% the best thing you could do !

DANNI1 said:
22 September 2018 @ 10:16

Thanks lovely people x Anthomo the hills are a killer! but you get used to it

Dave11 said:
22 September 2018 @ 14:59

Fantastic - I'm sure you will all enjoy Spain even more as you get to know it better and the people. All the very best to you all....

rob_j1 said:
23 September 2018 @ 12:41

Wow, very timely post!

We are working through finishing our own house build. 3-6 months to go, depending on tradespeople. Been looking into a lot of the kids requirements, and while I think I understand it, I'm 100% sure I'm going to miss things out. We have a 12 year old and a 9 year old, and I'm really keen to hear most about how it has been for them, their thoughts on schooling, language, their thoughts about their friends, if they miss them, etc.

On balance, I think its a huge positive, with a very small number of negatives, which, over time, will fade, leaving only the good things. At least, that's why I'm trying to tell myself!

Would love to hear more about not only that, but anything else you've found.

Thanks for sharing, and best wishes.

DANNI1 said:
23 September 2018 @ 17:10

Hi rob, send me a private message with all your questions and I'll try and answer them along with where your moving to etc. Danni x

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