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Our Andalusian Adventure

Our Andalusian Adventure is me trying to let you into our journey from the UK to a small village in the mountains, myself Danni, Paul, our two daughters Olivia and Chloe and our pets Ted the staffie and Duke and Duchess our cats.

Friends reunited
15 November 2018 @ 15:15

Our next visitor was Lorraine my old school friend who is also one of my best friends, she was just as excited as us to see where we now call home. Having climbed to base camp Everest she couldn't wait to see the mountains.

As she loved a adventure she was keen to try out the bus route from Malaga airport to Torre Del Mar. Sadly this was not as straight forward as we had hoped and having no coat she ended up getting very wet. I did feel bad for her. Eventually she made it to Torre del Mar, we collected her and shared many hugs glad to be reunited with my bud!  The next day was a bank holiday and we decided to all go to Almayate beach and meet my mum and Rob there too.  When we got to the beach alot of the space along the road was coned off so we parked futher up and then when we got on the beach a man approached to say that they are filming here so can we move further along the beach. We were most disappointed that we weren't asked to be in it instead just being asked to move along. He obviously hadn't seen our Baywatch impressions.... It was a bit of a disaster actually because we had planned to have lunch on the beach too and so we went along to the bar but they were catering for the film crew so were full. We got in the car and drove down to Benajarafe for a long lunch. That evening we had been invited to a 40th surprise birthday party. It was the husband of a school parent who i had got to know, she is English and very helpful as she has been living in Spain for many years. We had never met Tim (the husband) but thought it would be good to go and be seen. Once we found the venue for the party we had a great time, it was a lovely warm evening, lots of people, live music and most importantly Tim had a fab time. Soon midnight was upon us and after a few too many G & T's it was time to depart.

The following day feeling a little delicate Lorraine was desperate for us to go for a hike, off we went and i must say it was a good way to shake off the hangover. I took her on a route we usually regularly, the track starts just by the side of the school and is a constant incline to the top. Not for the fainthearted, it takes you up through the pine tree forest giving you wonderful views including one of Vineula Lake. Up there you can see for miles and wonder which white wash villages are which. Our walk of course wouldn't have been complete without an impromptu photoshoot on top of the picnic table. We like to do random things and many great photos came out of it, i'm just glad no-one saw us!!

Whilst Lorraine was with us she generously treated us to a day out at to the Caves in Nerja, the wearher forcast was so bad that we were unsure whether we would be able to... Torrential rain and flooding was threatened but thankfully it was just very wet but as we were going in a cave we didn't think that would matter.  It took us around 40 minutes to get to Nerja and then a few more minutes to the cave. We haven't been back to Nerja since our fist holiday here in April and it was a welcome sight apart from the weather. We managed to get into the cave while it was dry and we all thoroughly enjoyed learning about the caves and the sheer scale of them.

When we came out however it was bucketing it down! We had gone prepared with coats and umbrellas but it was a challenge just to get from the gift shop to the cafe without getting soggy feet. The cafe was buzzing with people, we found a table and had a bocadillo.  While finishing lunch the weather looked brighter and we were able to enjoy the views from the cafe over the sea. We then made our way to the centre of Nerja and amazingly found a parking space wink

We had a lovely time wandering the streets and people watching on the Balcon de Europa a perfect end to the day and our time together. 


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