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01 Mar 2012 00:00 by mmbc Star rating. 37 posts Send private message

I completed my purchase of a property in November 2011. However, I have not yet got around to using it or indeed furnishing it etc. At completion I forgot to tell my solicitor to hold up on having the gas and electric connected.

However I'm just after checking my online banking and there is a long list of money being taken out by "energy companies"

5/12/11 Iberdrola Generacion €167.82

22/12/11 Iberdrola Generacion €6.88

27/2/12 Iberdrola Generaction €29.13

While I assume that these are electricity bills and probably a connection charge its ok.


What confuses me is:

29/2/12 Hidrocantabrico Energia €228.46


Just wondering if anyone knows what this is?


As I won't be using the property for a long time would it be best to have them disconnected?




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01 Mar 2012 12:48 by manyarna Star rating in the UK- Heart is in .... 58 posts Send private message

You may know but you should have a copy of the actual bill that you can view at your online banking which will show more details about what the amount are for?

Mine show if the bills are estimates or readings etc

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01 Mar 2012 15:43 by dennismundy Star rating in Las Kalendas - Fortu.... 264 posts Send private message

 Could  Hidrocantabrico Energia possibly be for water and or Gas?


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01 Mar 2012 16:59 by mmbc Star rating. 37 posts Send private message

 It could be for gas but it's not turned and my boiler hasn't been  commissioned yet.


I cannot see the bill on the online banking. 



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01 Mar 2012 17:17 by gcarton Star rating. 145 posts Send private message

Yes but each utility will charge for installation of a meter.


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01 Mar 2012 17:28 by franvidal Star rating in Lo Pagán. 19 posts Send private message

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Hi mmbc,

Exactly, €167.82 is for electricity connection.

And Hidrocantabrico is mainly a gas company, they will have charged €228'46 for gas connection.

Please note that both companies allow you to register and have online access to your invoices, so you don't have to wait to receive them by post. Just go online, register and check.

Anyway, in both cases, for connection of utilities they need you to sign a contract, unless you granted a power of attorney which included such faculties.

Boiler has nothing to do with Hidrocantabrico company. First you have gas connected, then you have to contact Roca or any of their partner companies so they commission it.

Would it be best to have then disconnected? Well, it depends on the time that is going to pass by from now, until you are going to actually live in the property.

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03 Mar 2012 12:39 by crazymo Star rating. 21 posts Send private message

 I have had my apartment since February 2008 and tend to spend 6-8 months there a year but I always go home to  UK October/November and return sometime in March.  I am still in the UK at present but notice my electric bill taken out of my account by Iberdrola has been on average €30-40 each month.  I left on 11 November  2011 and everything is switched off at the mains except the alarm.  I have never had an electric bill in the 4 years of ownership so if this is a standing charge, it's a pricey one.  I understand that they read the meters one month and estimate the next.  Have alays wondered why my electric is so hign whilst I am not there.

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03 Mar 2012 13:13 by mgk Star rating in Penthouse 2. 242 posts Send private message

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 Do you have an ICP fitted in your consumer unit? Iberdrola can fine you if they have wriiten to you and you have ignored the letter.

[ ICP=MAIN ISOLATING SWITCH ] They usually bill you bi-monthly so 30 -40 Euro's is exessive


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tel.605 832  795

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03 Mar 2012 16:07 by o.hawthorne Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

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Company Name
Legal form
(NACE 93)
4010 Production and distribution of electricity
Activity (CNAE 2009)
3519 Production of electrical power other types
Full Report
additional information
hc energy production, distribution and marketing of electric power, gas distribution, renewable energy and telecommunications.
902830 ...

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03 Mar 2012 16:21 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK. 160 posts Send private message

Can someone tell me if any of the energy companies in Spain have options without standing charges? We are with Iberdrola and we only use our apartment for around 6 weeks a year, I would rather pay more per unit and have no standing charge if it is an option. (Does it make a difference for changing provider if you are part of a community?)

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03 Mar 2012 17:59 by PablodeRonda Star rating in Ronda (Málaga). 73 posts Send private message

Electricity is dear - fact. The standing charges can be quite high - depends on the power (potencia) that you have contracted. We just had ours increased on a property we rarely use and the standing charge has rocketed. They also charge a fee for increasing the power (it's regarded as a new contract). They also charge you if you change the name on the contract (titular). Nothing surprises me when it comes to the utilities.

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03 Mar 2012 18:47 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK. 160 posts Send private message

Do any of the companies provide power without the standing charge?

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03 Mar 2012 19:53 by PablodeRonda Star rating in Ronda (Málaga). 73 posts Send private message

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'd be surprised if any did! I think you would have to get disconnected and then reconnected every time you came and went - a nightmare surely!

Owning homes you don't use much costs money, I'm afraid. It was the same when I still had a house in the UK - it was costing a lot in terms of standing charges, insurance, boiler contract, Council Tax and so on. So glad when I sold it!

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03 Mar 2012 20:12 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK. 160 posts Send private message

ok . Thank you for the reply.

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03 Mar 2012 21:42 by rockinrodders Star rating. 82 posts Send private message

I'm having same issue, recently completed purchase and the lawyer contracted water and electricity so I'm getting charged random amounts for both water and electric but no idea how much and when bills are due.

Unfortunately you cannot register on the company websites without a udpc number and bill number from the last bill. Phone calls to the helpline involve being put on hold for 15 minutes to wait from an English speaker and then being hung up on after the long wait.

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04 Mar 2012 00:49 by mrnkar Star rating in Lancashire. 43 posts Send private message

Last year when I was away from our apartment our average monthly bill was €25 and the only thing running was the fridge/freezer, hot water boiler was unpluged at wall,  so yes the standing charge was quite dear. Normal usage when there was about €70.

Not sure if ICP was fitted as it was a rented apartment, and from what I remember from the bills, they allowed me to use a certain amount, considered to be normal usuage and if I went over it, there was additional charges on bill.

I was very careful using my a/c- heating but usually managed to go over my limit a few months every year.

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04 Mar 2012 06:54 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 4108 posts Send private message

This is part of a post I made under STANDING CHARGES
I do not see how one can say the Standing Charges are high,.
On the bill I reprodiuce below its 7.19 for a month. 
Of course if the potential is higher then the charge is higher too, but the one I quote is for an average 3 bed, 2 bathroom apartment.occupied by 4 people.
I monitor my electric account and two others for my non resident sons. I get email notification that the new bill is ready, before it is sent to the bank, and, for me, very simple to understand what is being charged for what. 
Just checked an on line bill:- 
There is the standing charge,
The units consumed between actual readings
Less or plus, if the last bill was estimated.
The Gov surcharge
Hire of the meter
The total.
The Spanish:- 
Producto: TUR BT GRAL <= 10 KW
Energía eléctrica
Concepto C lculos Importes
IMPTO.SOBRE LA ELECTRICIDAD.LEY 66/1997 32,54 EUR x 1,05113 x 4,864 %1,66
. ___________
. Subtotal 34,77
. IVA NORMAL 18 % de 34,77 6,26
Total Factura
41,03 €


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04 Mar 2012 18:35 by mmbc Star rating. 37 posts Send private message

Thanks everyone.


I presume I've been charged for installation of metres in that case (not the practice in Ireland). 

I guess I'll leave them on as the hassle and reconnection charges would be high too I presume!



Thanks again

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