Static Caravans, Spain and a Donkey! - Lesley's Story

Published on 15/11/2006 in Real Life Stories

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About the author: We're Phil and Lesley Stephenson and, with our two boys Conor and Calum, are desperate for a new life in Spain. We have recently set up a new business called European Mobile Homes which can deliver Brand New Top Quality Static Caravans to anywhere on Mainland Spain for a fraction of the price that you would previously have expected to pay. Take a look at our website at e-mail or give us a call on 0034 965587747 and 0034 676731870. We look forward to hearing from you.


Static caravan"Why don't you come to see us?"

"We will, we will" came the endless promises, next week, next month, next summer, we just never seemed to have the time or the money to visit our friends who had moved to the Costa Blanca almost 3 years earlier -- wow, could it really be that long ago?

So, one evening in August, in the true tradition of friendship, we sent a message to say that we'd be arriving in 36 hours!! My husband, 2 sons and myself all decided that we needed to get a week in the sunshine before the end of the summer holidays, and away we went!

We arrived on Thursday morning for one week. By Thursday evening we felt like we belonged, by Friday it felt like home and by the following week we all agreed on one thing, we did not want to leave. There were so many good reasons to stay - the lifestyle, the weather, the DONKEY (with which my 9 year old son was besotted but that's another story).

Our accommodation for the week was a Static caravan in the garden, which was where her Mum stayed during the winter months, and was perfect for visitors (especially last minute ones) on holiday. It was very comfortable, but of dubious age, and when she told us how much she'd had to pay for it we nearly choked on our paella.

"Well that's how much they are over here" she explained. "You just can't get hold of them any cheaper". To find that they had paid 1000's of euros for it was, to us, quite unbelievable. On further investigation we discovered that they were right (not that we doubted them for one minute of course!), and that good quality, reasonably priced static caravans were very hard to come by.

Static caravanOn our return to England we had one thing on our minds - how to get back to Spain for good. We are already in the business of converting race vans with living accommodation so have plenty of contacts, and, after a little homework, we were able to source brand new, top quality static caravans that we can deliver to Spain for a fraction of the cost of the ones that we had found, and so European Mobile Homes born.

We are aiming to supply the many English (and anyone else who wants one!) with Brand New Static Caravans on their plots for self-build, renovation or holiday accommodation at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Hopefully we will soon be able to buy a plot in Spain, and live in a static caravan ourselves while we build our new home and start to live our dream, while helping lots of other people to do the same.


Written by: Lesley Stephenson

About the author:

Please visit our website at e-mail or give us a call on 0034 965587747 and 0034 676731870. We look forward to hearing from you.

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vernon said:
22 April 2007 @ 16:47

hello phill good luck with your new venture we are at presant looking at cotijos in the cost tropicol area .i need info on if once you have finished building your house does the mobile home have to be removed off the land or can it stay for exta accomadation .any help or advice would be much appreciated cheers vernon

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