Furnishing Your Spanish Property For Holidays Or Rentals

Published on 28/07/2008 in Your Spanish Home

Furniture for Spanish propertyAlternative ways to tackle this huge task!

You could do it all your self.

It's a bit daunting to begin with, but listing the basics can give you an idea of what you will need.

Start at the front door and make a note of all light fittings - ceiling lights, spot lights, wall lights, staircase lights, laundry lights and terrace lights. Remember to order extra light bulbs to be sure of spares. If you are not handy with electrical wiring, when you choose your lights ask if the shop will also fit them for you.

Measure up all windows for curtains, black out, or voiles, checking to see if you require tracks or poles. You will need a ladder and a drill to fit both lights and curtain poles and tracks.

Note all the bathroom accessories you will need and where you can place them - be careful with cables and plumbing. Marble walls will need extra care when drilling holes!

Measure the bath for shower curtain poles or bath screens and the shower tray for shower cubicle.

Decide what size bed will fit comfortably in each bedroom allowing space for bedside tables and wardrobe doors and windows that open into the room. Check the distance between the wall sockets for headboard space. Keep in mind that a cheap mattress will not be comfortable for most people, it's worthwhile investing in a better mattress & save on other items.

Most living rooms are combined with a dining area so be sure to allow room for a dining table and four chairs (two bedroom) or six chairs (three bedroom). When you need extra chairs you can borrow from the terrace!  Do not include a sideboard unless you have space for it. Lay out the size of a 3 seat and a two seat sofa to be sure they will fit using the wall sockets for the T.V. to orientate you. Measure up the size of the coffee table (s). Leather sofas may be cold in winter and sticky in summer so look at a combination or washable, removable cushions & covers and arm protectors.

Measure up the terrace remembering terrace furniture must be suitable for exteriors, don't use natural fibres (banana leaf, rattan etc.) Synthetic rattan or wicker is the best as its maintenance free. Teak is also an option as it can be left without oiling if you don't mind the colour change.

Now you have a list of the basics, bedding, linen and towels need to be added.  Mattress protectors are advisable as are pillow protectors. Light weight duvets are fine most of the year, but if you are planning to use the property in winter you will need a heavier duvet or extra blankets or a quilted bedspread as the aircon is not really a solution! You will need flat sheets and fitted as well as duvet covers and extra pillows and pillow cases. Count with at least two sets of linen and towels for each bed and bathmats.

The kitchen and laundry - include a microwave and all the usual crockery & cutlery, glasses, electrical appliances, cleaning items and tea towels as well as placemats.  Unless you plan to do a lot of cooking you won't need a large saucepan set.

Before you order your furniture and hang up curtains make sure the apartment has been cleaned as it's so much easier to clean it whilst it's still empty. Once you have the main items in place then think about pictures and plants, a touch of colour really helps to pull things together.

An easier solution as there are lots of companies offering furniture packages here on the coast is a ready made package.  You won't need to buy ladders, or a lot of tools that will need to be stored somewhere!

Make sure the package includes ceiling lights for all rooms, bathroom accessories, and adequate curtain requirements. (Black out curtains if you have no shutters)  Terrace furniture is important as you will be spending more time outside on your terrace than inside!
If your budget is limited you could also consider a combination of both - consider shopping around for some furniture items and ask a company to help you with the more complicated jobs.

Remember not to over buy, extra furniture pieces and decoration can be added at a later date. Last but not least remember to coordinate your colour scheme; you will have to live with it for some time!

Written by: Pamela Taylor Larsen

About the author:Pamela lives in Casares costa near Sabinillas. She was employed for three and a half years with the furniture company "Mobile & Diseño" (Marbella & Manilva) before starting her own company "Sweet Solutions" offering personalized furniture packs, bedding & linen and curtains. Web site -  www.sweet-solutions.net

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