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Published on 07/06/2011 in Living in Spain

There are some things you can't help but miss about the UK, it may not be the weather but what about those goods you just can't buy anywhere else? With more and more Britons relocating to sunnier climes, the European Consumer Centre for Services reminds expats how important it is to protect yourself when ordering online those thoroughly British items you just can't get anywhere else.

Jane Negus, Executive at the ECCS urges consumers, "ordering online is quick and convenient, when you get it right. Always do your homework and take precautions. These simple suggestions can save you the time and effort involved when things go wrong".

Top tips for ordering online

When buying online, across the EU, you are entitled to some basic rights.

  • Delivery of the goods or performance of the service within 30 days, from the day after the order was placed
  • Consumer's right to cancel the contract within a minimum of 7 working days without giving any reason and without penalty, except the cost of returning the goods (right of withdrawal)
  • Should you cancel, the trader is obliged to refund you within the 30 days
  • Confirmation of that information in a durable medium (such as written confirmation)

Online shopping in SpainThe ECCS receives enquiries daily, on how to check if a website is legitimate.

There are some simple checks you can look out for to help make an informed choice of who you wish to buy from.

  • Businesses trading online must include a geographical address and telephone number
  • Why not do a domain check to see where the website is registered, and how long it has been registered for
  • Always read the terms and conditions
  • Check online reviews
  • Check to see if they are on a company register, such as Companies House in the UK.

Not to mention the ever important rule, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

The ECCS has started a facebook pole ranking peoples online shopping experience, have your say. Online shopping good, bad or ugly? Follow 'The European Consumer Centre for Services'.

Written by: Jade Ahmed

About the author:

Jade worjs as a consumer advisor for the European Consumer Centre for Services, a free advice service hosted by the Trading Standards Institute. We offer consumers advice on their rights when entering into contract across the European Union.

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PiscinasChemicals said:
08 June 2011 @ 11:51

We couldn't agree more with this article. A lot of companies in Spain also offer the facility for cash on delivery - if you do this remember to have your cash at hand or they can refuse to serve you.

If you are remotely located be sure to also specify directions as well in any order notes you may have the facility to add to.

As a British company operating here we ensure that Internet security and safe payment is always a priority - so make sure that the top of the URL also reads "https://" that means the URL is secure.

Have a nice day everyone,

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