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28 Jul 2015 12:32 PM:

Going to alicanti / spain in mid august, could anybody recomend a no fuss car rental firm in the airport , i have been loads of times but the wait at gold car is getting a bit much, thanks in advance.


                                   regards john


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01 Sep 2014 10:27 AM:

Yes i agrea they are leading by example, is it any wonder the world is the way it is, crime, murders etc etc, but who knows the answer, i think some of these scifi movies ie mad max, and people living underground and everyman women for them selves is not so much of a matter if it happens its when, i feel afraid for our future children, and by my own admision i am no saint but my parents taught me the difference between right and wrong, and when i have done wrong i have payed a price, but my wrongs wher minor to these scum bags but wrong never the less, i wonder what price they will pay for the human misary they cause, if i had my way i would have there head on a stick, but these do gooders in the world would say thats wrong ,it may well be but sometimes freindly do gooder protests do jack SH?t and these politicians get away with MURDER, we do not live in a democratic world any more that is a fact, so in my opinion these scum bags started it.  

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31 Aug 2014 10:29 AM:

David Camaron, you can tell when he is lying his lips move, the worst about all this is we all fall hook line and sinker to the bull these politicians spout, so maybe your right, there is a bit of gread in all of us, it also maybe if you caint beat them join em, FRIGHTNING THOUGHT!

Thread: Another Paramount?

31 Aug 2014 9:51 AM:

I agree acer, as i said i dont know a lot about politics, but i dont think sense or fairness aplies, its just about back handers and greed, it temps you to be like a pirate, take all and give nothing back, but my sense of right and wrong stop me and maney people from being dishonest, i realy do think jail is to good for these people, maybe one day these people will pay the price no matter what country there from, fingers crossed.

Thread: Another Paramount?

31 Aug 2014 8:54 AM:

They must be on more than weed, they want to get other things finished before they start anything new, i think its time for these countrys who build and promise this that and the other to pay consiquences like if they start a project and dont finish it where ever they get the money from demands it back or your bankrupt, and the dick heads involved in making the false claims JAIL and i mean JAIL no cushey numbers, after all if the everyday person starts a buisiness and it goes pear shaped he or she would probable lose there car house etc and fall on hard times, i dont understand much about politics may be there is a hidden agenda? there usually is, loads of people would blame the manyana attitude of the spanish, as i say i think there is more to it, my fealing is the people making decisions are walking away with a few quide if it goes ahead or not, and then on to the next white elephant. it should be a case of false promises (lies) took to court and sued like a criminal, and i would like to include a few estate agents, no offence to the real honest ones, buying property in spain now is like buying stuff of Alibaba, the description of the goods and the promises is the same, B+++Sh++.

Thread: Another Paramount?


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