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17 Sep 2012 17:24:

Anyone in need of good solid legal representation in Spain should look no further than Costaluz lawyers.

Maria and her team have recouped all my deposit plus interest and legal fees just as she stated she would at our first consultation. Her fees were clear and transparent, her communication throughout the long drawn out process was extremely thorough and professional, and any questions I had were always quickly answered.

Many people on this site would have you believe the Spanish legal system is a minefield with corruption everywhere, let me reassure you that Maria and Costaluz lawyers are an exception to this rule, and they delivered everything they promised.

I was extremely doubtful I would ever see my money again, and after reading numerous horror stories on this and other sites, I was sceptical that Maria would deliver, but she did and I am eternally thankful.


Dave Roberts

Thread: Costaluz Lawyers

30 Jul 2010 15:40:

We have just heard today from Maria and her team that they have won our case for us, and we have been awarded our full deposit back plus annual interest and all legal costs incurred to be paid for by the deeveloper.

Can I say that with all the negativity on this thread about the system, Costa Luz lawyers and the costs involved, it has been handled with extreme professionalism by Costa Luz Lawyers all the way through the process, from arranging and handing over Power of Attourney right through to the actual final hearing a fortnight ago.

Our case was fought and won on a point of law ( no bank guarantee), so any sceptics out there who doubt there is any hope, please be assured there are good lawyers out there who do actually act in your best interests and actually do as they promise.

As for the costs involved, Maria and her team clearly stated what the costs would be to firstly represent us, and secondly to take our case to Court, this they did with no hidden costs.


I cannot speak highly enough of both Steven at the office, and our Lawyer at our final hearing Fernando,


Many thanks Maria, and keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: Bank Guarantee - Case won and money returned - Maria & Costa Luz Lawyers

03 Apr 2009 09:55:

The Man City joke I posted was about the size of Shaun Wright Phillips  (just over 5fett tall) and his resemblence of a young boy and not a footballer. No mention was made to the colour of his skin and no racial overtones were intended.

Apologies if anyone deems the joke as racist as it certainly wasn;t my intention.


I suspect though that the P.C brigade who read the thread will now accuse me of dwarfism !




02 Apr 2009 08:08:

** EDITED - Offensive **

05 Jul 2007 13:28:

hi can anybody give me  a rough estimate on the cost of fitting rejas (per window) and the cost to fitting grills on a door.

Many thanks


Thread: Grille & door alarms could be a great deterrant.


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