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23 Jun 2008 11:18:


Following 8 months of anguish and despair  and several nervous breakdown's, we have finally completed on our property against all the odds (and great expense). 

No thanks go to Euro Anglo Sur, presitge villas in Bournmouth and magnate villas in wolverhampton or spainonshow.com as they now call themselves, who all did a runner on us when the going got tough. So much for their promise that they hold your hand all the way. As soon as they knew that they had failed us in getting the guaranteed mortgage, they just didn't want to know and just sat back, totally ignored our desperate pleas and waited for us to loose our money so that they could re-sell our property.

We found out on the day of completion that we didn't actually own anything, and yet when you purchase from these guys they tell you that your 50% deposit means that you own the land and there are two sets of deeds. Well that is another lie as we found out when the builders issued us with a letter and date to leave the property. 

Anyone going on an inspection trip with these people, beware that nothing they said to us was honest and truthful. There are far better quality properties about if you have a look, as they are not the top quality builds that they state in the brochures. Also don't just look at the show houses as our house is nowhere near the standard of the show house. On valuation, the property was worth 24500.00€ less than we were paying. But at this stage you cannot pull out without loosing all of your money.

Had we have not bought through this agent then we could have saved around £50000.00. Not to mention the need for plastic surgery to have the bags removed from our eyes due to the endless sleepless nights. What an absolute nightmare and a total waste of our hard earned cash. But, hey ho!

Thread: Problems with completion

15 May 2008 17:00:

Hi Clair,

I agree with jane b that you should contact the Caravan Club as they will have come across this one before and will give you the correct advice. I am also in Spain with a British car and caravan and had problems getting the insurance after the first european cover ran out. The caravan Club were of great help and I am again fully covered. I have also heard that you cannot tow a British caravan with a Spanish car. You would also have to have your caravan transfered to spanish plates if you stayed longer than six months or you could get it sealed by the customs officials to prove that it is not in use. If you are in Spain for 11 months of the year, my advice would be to sell in the UK and purchase in Spain. I am sure this would be a much cheaper option.

Good Luck, Di

Thread: Caravan

13 May 2008 01:22:

Hi there, just thought I would pop this info in for you as it may be of some use to you later on. I did a Spanish course in the UK a couple of years ago, and my lecturer was from San Sebastian. She returned there last year to her family. She speaks basque as well, but her English is fantastic as she was married to an Englishman. I could give you her name if this may be of any use to you as she may be able to help you with the language and possibly other things while you are there. Please let me know and I will give her name by private message.

Thread: hello all! Hoping to move near San Sebastien

10 May 2008 19:10:

Three men go in to a hotel. The man behind the desk said the room is £30. So each man paid £10 and went to the room.. A while later, the man behind the desk realised that the room was only £25, so he sent the bellboy to the guy's room with £5. On the way, the bellboy couldn't work out how he was going to split the £5 evenly between the three men, so he gave each man £1 and kept the other £2 for himself.

This meant that 3 men each paid £9 for the room, which is a total of £27, add the £2 that the bellboy kept = £29.

Where is the other £1?

I still don't get this one, but then I is blonde!


30 Apr 2008 10:56:

Hi there morerosada

I have not met Paul and pauline yet but we have spoke on here, and Dennis is my neighbour and so we in the same boat, if you get my drift. I'm glad you liked it here at Las kalendas but I am sure that had you have walked around and spoke with the people here, then you would have been invited in for drinksand nibbles, F O C. No need for a cooler bag, just post on here when you are coming.

I take note of your rules and regs and apologise most sincerely to Pinochio whom I named here on another thread.

Regards, Di



Thread: Problems with completion


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