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29 Nov 2014 14:29:

I am afraid to aay that ofetn it seems the case that people don;t wnat their local little airport to close because unfiortunately that's what San Javeir is, a great little airport but not really what is wanted for Murcia longterm

People just seem to talk down the area but there are a few things that shouldn't be ignored, the key one being the ability of Corvera to recieve much larger LONG HAUL flights and there is actually demand from some non-european airline to have an airport in this area

We have gone back in time now more than 2 years to when AENA were the favourites to take everyhing over and I would like to make a predicition,  based on the key thing in the Spanish way to life and that is to save face

  • I predict that a joint management contract will be agreed where AENA and the current management company AEROMEUR will jointly manage the facility, allowing for a phased colsure of MJV
  • I predict that part of the agreement will be wrapped around the ownership where AENA get given part of the airport to compensate them for closing MJV and that the existing staff will move, if they wish to, to the new airport

The facts are that if as reported they go back to tender, given the promises that the current operators have been goven, that they wpulf immediatley go to court and thge whole process would get tied up for years

The facts are for the current airport management, even with the most recent announcements it is business as normnal as they are pushing hard to get the airport fully certifed for flights by the 16th December, more engineers arriving tomorrow

I thin that the Murcia Today article is good but it does draw a lot of unproved conclusions and opinons, based on information that they have collected from the various Spanish publications, rather than any directly gained interviews or quotes, from the new minister or the airport

Thread: More no news about Corvera and Paramount

28 Nov 2014 14:57:



Really interesting articles come out when we talk about there being no demand for Murcia, flights etc, 42% increase is something



Thread: More no news about Corvera and Paramount

27 Nov 2014 13:04:

I don't see Paramount happening any time soon, but I do know, because of some of the original aitline intertest in the area, that there are parties interested in coming to the area with the larger aircraft by direct flights, who are currently not able to use local airports

Thread: More no news about Corvera and Paramount

27 Nov 2014 12:13:

I disagree with very little of the information in this well worded post but I would go further and say that actually, based on the Spring and Summer schedule already published that there is no real point of operating MJV

I would diagree with the comments regaring the location nd where people travel to, there are many benefits of the central location and there must be demand for people travelling into the city of Murcia, based on the fact that they run buses every hour between Alicante airport and Murcia City

An additional thing to add to the Corvera arguement is that it has a much longer runway, specifically built to handle much larger aircraft as Alicante is 2598m and Murcia is shorter 2320m where Corvera is over 3000m long. The larger plans required for international operations requires for take off, a 3Km runway, depending on operational weights

I understand that it is difficult to increase the runway sizes, especially at Alicante where they are restricted by the motorway an N332

If perhaps there was an airport that could accomodate the larger planes which can more easily travel larger distances and achieve the econmoy of scale Murcia could become more interesting for international travellors

When this initally became a problem the roumours were always that AENA would in effcet be given Corvera, perhaos now we are back to step 1



Thread: More no news about Corvera and Paramount

26 Nov 2014 15:10:

I had a similar problem with Orange and in the end sent them 7 cancellation letters, recorded delivery, one per day, but what sorted it out in the end was me posting to their public Facebook page complaiing very publically, follwoing day they found the cancellation letters and closed the account

Thread: Cancelling contract with Vodafone 3g internet


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