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10 Jan 2012 12:00 AM:

i believe that madrid is the capitol of spain the eye on spain computer does not go to madrid and ask then fix it


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Thread: capitol of spain

09 Sep 2011 1:43 AM:

what makes me think of spain

people who care in our village fresh cheap fruit some free daily rubish collections cheaper taxes our local wine a hundred pair of eyes to watch my grandchildren no i dont live on the costa ( little england ) i live well inland i have learnt spanish so viva espania

Thread: What Makes You Think Of Spain

16 Dec 2009 1:32 AM:

hi there,

as a real ale lover a pint is a pint regretably in spain its the litre or half litre some undesirable types to hook the english use such measures , the best thing to do is tell all as youve done and we avoid the bar like the plague.


Thread: I have heard it all now!

30 Jul 2009 1:24 AM:

in all cultures there are things we would all rather our grandchildren did not see in england we have grouse shooting quasi foxhunting and other debatable sports in spain there is bullfighting and also bull running the way out is not to go at fiesta time,or if in england stay of the moors i am sorry you found this upsetting but in thier eyes it is not it is part of thier heritage, thanks to the labour goverment england now has no heritage and no borders thats why im am going to take up spanish nationality when i can.


Thread: What happened in Manilva


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