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the answer to ryanair

this is an account of how to defeat ryanair

my personal experience of Ryan-air
08 September 2010

i booked to go from London to Alicante by Ryan-air i was charged £5.00 for the privilege of making my booking online by debit card 

9  IF YOU USE THEIRS ITS NADA BUT TRY TO GET ONE)  i then printed my boarding pass but wait you have to check in your case more money want to go fist (ha bloody ha) more money want a drink 3.50 euros sir, for insipid coffee ? still awaiting lab results on that, could not afford the sandwich thank god the end cost its cheaper by BA even cheaper by EASY-JET and no i dont work for them i realise the era of cheap flights is over but be honest with your customers  i ramble the answer to Ryan-air is simple teach them a lesson use Easy-jet or BA i look forward to comments good or bad

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