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the good things in spain

we have all heard the bad how about the good things

some of the good things
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

we have heard a lot about the decline of spains good life here are some of the good things

1,weather, the weather here is normaly warmer and the humidity is lower great if you have arthrituslike me.

2,staple food prices are lower yes its true BUT if you want imported food you will pay extra.

3, feul prices gas and petrolium products are about 8% cheaper than uk yes its true.

4, crime rates are lower than uk yes there is grafiti but not to the uks extent crimes against the person are lower but of note is the newest growth area is bank robbery and im not talking about the latest bonus rates.

5, if you move into the interior you will meet people that are honest friendly and caring yes there are crooks here but they are a minority who seem to congregate on the coast and prey on all expats.

5, in england we used to moan about people not speaking our language now were in spain how do you think they feel when we refuse to speak spanish on the costas you can get away with no spanish,WHY?

thats a start have you any good news or any bad.


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