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30 Jul 2009 09:15:

hi goodstitch i may be at the same stage as you . we bought off plan at cortijo de torreblanca in 2003 for completion in 2005 . it never got finished and after no joy , lies and been ignored by aifos we started court proceedings to get deposit back. we won the case last year and they never paid up. we won the appeal and still never paid up. we are in the process of puting embargos on their assetts but they've gone bankrupt in the meantime.

we've pulled out over 8000 euro so far on all this legal procedure.does that figure seem about right for spain ?  im hoping weve not thrown good money after bad . does anyone believe will get money from the creditors?

lets hope we all have a happy ending !




Thread: Rough justice yet again!

02 Jul 2008 07:40:

there is a site in torreblanca that has problems . it should of been finished in 2005 and no building work has been done for a year or so. Nichola was spot on with her comment on Aifos and Fazarelli your comment was unfair and untrue. No-one has a good thing to say about Aifos. Maybe you are working for them ? 

My inlaws did move to another site but not successfully. They were due to move to a place in Riviera Del Sol but when they went to view the site they hoped was complete it hadn't even been touched. Again no building licience. After a couple of years of stress , lies from Aifos , court action and many tears they did pay extra to move onto this site in Torreblanca. They should of retired out there in 2004 after years of very hard work but now are battling in court procedures again on a second property to try and get all money back they have lost. They will never get back their retirement years or any compensation for stress all of this has caused.

So fazarelli , please try and justify Aifos's actions to a innocent retired couple whos retirement has been lost by this so called company who have ruined hundreds of peoples futures

Thread: Anyone ever succesfully swapped to another completed Aifos Development ?

14 May 2008 09:58:

thanks for your reply. ive checked the site you reccomended but unfortunately there isnt anything on there for the costa del sol area. i'm finding plenty of clubs for adults but nothing for children 5 years of age. thanks again !

Thread: kids activities / groups / out of school clubs/ football coaching in costa del sol ??

13 May 2008 00:00:

hi does anyone know any activity groups in benalmadana , fuengirola , mijas or surrounding areas that my boy of 5 years could attend during english school holidays. we spend all the english school holidays in spain and would like him to mix with children of a similar age in spain.  english speaking groups prefered as he can't speak spanish yet.  

Thread: kids activities / groups / out of school clubs/ football coaching in costa del sol ??

12 Jul 2007 00:00:

hi im looking for a long term rental property in fuengirola / benalmadena area. a 3/4 bedroomed townhouse or penthouse would be ideal. does anyone have any ideas ??

Thread: looking for long term rental property in costa del sol


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