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07 Jan 2014 09:25:

Check the review of 2013 for the golf society


Thread: condado golf society

29 Jul 2012 13:16:

I am looking to buy a second hand electric golf buggy and although there are many links in UK I cannot find one in Spain.

Is anyone aware of  a site? Tried segundo mano but when you ask for un buggy de golf all I get is adverts for Volkswagon Golfs!

Help would be appreciated especially if there are any  spanish speaking forum members who can cut a few corners



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Thread: Golf buggy

23 Oct 2008 00:00:

Can anyone give me the quickest route to Los Alcazares?


Thread: Alicante to Los Alcazares

11 Sep 2008 20:08:

An elderly couple attended church (religously!) every Sunday. One Sunday they arrived a little late to find the church packed. The only two seats together were on the front row at the middle of the aisle.

They took their seats and the mass commenced. The priest did his sermon, then the congregation sang a few hymns, and then the priest asked his flock to spend a little time in meditation. He asked them to consider their sins and ask for forgiveness.

After a minute or so the old lady turned to her husband and whispered ' I'm sorry dear but I've just done a silent fart - what should I do?'

The hubby turned to her and said:

'I'd get a new battery for your hearing aid darling!'


11 Sep 2008 19:56:

Thanks for all you have done - I don't know what i'd do without my daily fix of EOS forums! We are about to complete on Condado de Alhama (Polaris World) and intend to continue communicating with all ex pats and everyone else who intends to leave dreary UK & Gordon Brown!

It really has been such a help for us who were so ignorant of the intricacies of buying a home abroad. 'A Place in the Sun' shows the good bits but does not reveal how difficult a process it is to attain your dream lifestyle in the sun.

Keep up the good work!

Barry & Sue

Penthouse at Condado (Murcia)

Thread: Congratulations on the treinta mil ( thirty thousand): 30.000


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