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27 Dec 2015 15:20:

Hola, has this "fault" always been the same since it was installed? If so, you would be best to call the person who installed it to fix it (free of charge). Hopefully the gas man is an authorised gas installer, if not go through the company that supplies the gas. Good luck.

Thread: Yellow flame

22 Dec 2015 10:19:

If you are at the property permanently then it should not be a problem for the new company to contact you. From our experience, you may find that there will be a charge for the inspection to take place and they may (or not) find also "faults/failures" that will require additional payment to rectify. I think in theory the owners have the right to choose who will be the supplier and it is important to know (via the President/Administrators) what can be the implications, particularly financially. Unfortunately due to lack of active participation on the part of many of the owners, changes are imposed on the community that infer additional costs to the owners. In some cases the amounts may not seem great but when you multiply the cost over all the properties, there is a great income being generated, so it is important to have a clear understanding what is being proposed and what are the options available. Good luck.

Thread: Gas Change Over From Ex REPSOL BUTANO

20 Dec 2015 13:50:

I think the op is referring to a "permanent" installation (plumbed in) where the gas is supplied by a large deposit on site. You dont mention where you are, I know some properties have this in mutxamel. You should contact your Community President and see what info they have. Good luck.

Thread: Gas Change Over From Ex REPSOL BUTANO

22 Sep 2015 20:33:


here is the link for the mapfe page: https://www.mapfre.es/seguros/particulares/hogar/seguros-proteccion-alquileres/proteccion-alquiler/

They tend to be one of the most expensive providors and with this type of insurance they are very keen to get as much information prior to acceptance, so its not 100% guaranteed they will assume all risks. Regards.


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Thread: Renters insurance

21 Sep 2015 14:03:

Hi, Mapfre for sure does, as does Lineadirect but you have to have full disclosure and make sure the rental is "legal" with regards to registration (fi required) and payments of tax. Otherwise any insurance company will direct you to the small print when it comes to a claim and possibly refuse to pay out. Good luck.

Thread: Renters insurance


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