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08 May 2021 10:21 PM:

Til. Thanks for that but I have no issue with the font clarity on my phone from any other aspect, only from this one site.

It should be an easy matter for them to change the colour of the font to a recognised black. In fact, by a click of a button.

After all, you wouldn't send a letter in that type if grey would you?

I may be wrong as you are the only one who has commented on it.

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08 May 2021 9:11 AM:


I have contacted Eye on Spains Weekly Digest on several occasions now with what I consider is a problem, but with no response. Not surprising as they state that they don't contact everyone.

However, I surely can't be alone in this.

My problem is that I receive the digest on my mobile and have difficulty reading it due to the very light incipient grey font they use. It can't be rocket science to increase the 'blackness' of the font.

Does anyone else think the same. If so then can I request that the EOS Digest take note and change it.


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02 Dec 2018 10:04 AM:


I see where you're  coming from but that would go on forever, having a referendum EVERY year because whatever the outcome then the current 17 year olds could say exactly the same!

Just stick to the facts:-

Why did it only take 38 minutes for 27 out of  27 EU countries to ratify Prime minister Mays ( Remainer ) deal? It's  because it was a fantastic  deal for THEM!

However, NOT for Great Britain! It shows that the leave vote was correct and therefore a second referendum is surplus to requirement!

Just check Eye on Spains own poll to date.  55 to 43 to LEAVE!

I do howeve believe the minority will get their way and another referendum  will happen  but it could only be to say HOW we LEAVE not if!

Thread: Should there be a second referendum?

11 Mar 2017 10:21 AM:

Jarvis, I understand your reply but this is a catch twenty two situation. Do you want to kill them downstairs or do you want them to kill you?

Something isn't being put across here. I don't believe that the builder would build a chimney that comes out solely into an upstairs apartment making it impossible to even go into let alone breath. It just would not be done.

I think that the chimney is standard - opening out on the top of the roof and instead of a fire place upstairs it is just an opening with maybe flowers in to decorate. This allowing some residue of smoke to enter into the upstairs opening depending on the wind. I know it's Spain and they may not be able to get one but if they can, a simple 'H' pot would sort this out as it would double the ventury updraft and draw the smoke (faster) past the upstairs opening even drawing some air out on it's way.

If the upstairs occupiers don't understand what an H pot is then just Google just that. I'd be interested in a bit more clarification from the original poster.

If it is just the residual smoke occasionally puffing into the room then this was a common problem on the old two up two down houses that used to have Fire places in an upstairs bedroom.

As stated on my other reply, if this is the case, then blocking the upstairs fireplace front will have no adverse effect on downstairs - in fact it would improve their updraft.






Thread: Fire place issue

11 Mar 2017 9:33 AM:

Brandon55 - you've partly right but that's the least of their problems.

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide and can be a killer and is indeed heavier than air.                                                                           The killer is its big brother Carbon MONOXIDE!  This gas 'isn't' heavier than air. In fact it's mixed quite evenly throughout the full room. You MUST immediately buy an audible Carbon Monoxide detector. The recommended place is to put it in any room that has a solid fuel 'burner'  at a hight of about 4 feet or just over a meter. Although it's evenly mixed within the room this is the optimum position  recommended.

 A solid fuel burner is anything that burns solid fuel. This includes gas appliances and oil burners as gas and oil are products of solid fuel.  A gas ring - gas oven - gas boiler - openfire/log burner/ behind glass fire - barbeque (Remember about 3 years ago some campers had a barbecue then it started to rain so they brought it into their tent to add a little extra heat whilst they slept. Yes, they all died!)

As stated in some other answers this gas is totally invisible - totally unsmellable - No indication at all that it's there.

In the right combination you will just fall asleep and never wake up. You will have no warning whatsoever. You won't feel drowsy (You won't realise you are feeling drowsy) You and anyone else in there will just fall to death. However, when they find you you'll look the healthiest you've ever done as you will have a cherry red glow about you. This is because your white blood cells have been attacked!

I know it sounds harsh but that is the reality of the situation.

This is how I see it -  your open fireplace is acting as the chimney  from down stairs and it's just about who is going to pay to blank the fireplace opening up then just bite the bullet and get the local bricky in for what it costs. Inform the occupants below that this is what you're doing and tell them that it's their problem to get 'their' chimney sorted out and obviously warn them of the dangers recommending to them not to use their fire. In the mean time, blank it off with a board and seal it all around with silicone. Still buy an alarm and have the windows open. If possible don't use the room until it's done! However, if it's just residue of smoke percolating into your room from the majority going up the chimney then closing it up should improve the updraught from dowstairs.

Don't wait until tomorrow as tomorrow may never come!



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Thread: Fire place issue


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