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03 Nov 2007 12:00 AM:

Hi.  If anyone can give me advice or offer a rental..........?. Am hoping this is the correct place to post this.   Ok,  to cut a long story short.  I moved to Spain in August, stayed with a mate for a couple of months and took out an 11 mth rental in Alhaurin de la Torre (after listening to my mate this area is great, which i'm sure it is if you're a local and  drive,). Its totally the wrong area for me.  I am here on my own (yes a single mum) with two kids.  I've managed to find a state secondary school for one of my children but no spaces anywhere for a primary school for my other child.

I didn't do any research before hand, just upped and left the UK (how I wish that wasn't the case now).  I came with no savings more or less and put what little I had into the deposit for the place where I am now.  

I don't drive and am totally isolated.  My contact with people that speak my language is this site lol.  (Am learning Spanish at a snail's pace  ).  I am desperate to move to an area with more Brits and shops and schools within walking distance, where do I go?

If I break this contact and lose my deposit, which im prepared to do, I don't mind as I need to be elsewhere and I don't want that elsewhere to be back to the UK.  Snag is, I know don't have the money for a 3 mth deposit. 

I work for a uk employer, online, so my time is also limited to find somewhere as I work 6 days a week and I don't know what area I should be looking in. 

And getting to the point, even though I said to cut a long story short....all that time ago., are there any members here that have a property suitable for me and my two children, long term, near shops and schools (walking!!) , furnished, internet access (an absolute must), satelite tv, Brits (at least a few!!!) that do not need 3 mths deposit as I'm pretty much stuck finding that. I really don't want to go over €800 a mth as I came here to pay less that what I was in the UK not more (which I am doing now, eeek).  I have wage slips and can show you my work.  We're a very nice family and would take care of your property. 

Fingers crossed I get a lucky break.  PM me with details if you can help. 


 (Before you ask, yes I have viewed all the long term rental, I just don't know where I should go).

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Thread: wanted - long term rental

22 Oct 2007 1:28 AM:

I think i'll be doin that Karen lol

a lot!



Thread: Hi all

21 Oct 2007 9:13 PM:

Hi Pitby and Karen,

Thanks for replying.  Yes its inland, near Coin Karen if that helps you.  Just a big change I guess and not having met anyone feeling isolated and pulling my hair out having just the children to talk to.  They are 11 and 13 and are picking up spanish quite well from all the teach yourself spanish cd's.  Obv they will pick it up more once in school.. when they finally get there.

I don't get to get out much as I work from home and don't have much free time so its going to be even harder for me.

I always rush into things and wish i'd planned more, but thats me, get an idea and then im off. 

I'll let you know how i get on with the schools.........Its not a matter of the navy rushin these things hun, they have no scanners onboard to copy stuff to email me, so will have to wait till they're shore side....

Anyway have a good nite both,

Speak soon.



Thread: Hi all

21 Oct 2007 12:00 AM:

Hi all,

Hope you're all well.  Am after some advice again. As you know from previous posts I'm still quite new here in Spain.  But I've got about it all wrong.

I didn't research Spain before I left, just upped and left.  Stayed with my mate who was goin to take me house hunting, we viewed the area Alhaurin de la Torre and that was it. 

Saw a house right next to a school so took it.  Now after spending all me money on the deposit and thats all i had (lol) I can't register my children at the school until I get a letter from the ex husband statin he agrees to it.  Not that easy as he is at sea (Navy) till xmas.

This area is very very spanish, I know what you are going to say, what do you expect your in spain.  But I mean, I should have perhaps gone to an area with a few more brits till i found me feet as I am having so much trouble communicating.....

Have been in this house 1 month and really hate it, we are the only english family on the estate, I don't know if its the british paranoia kicking in, but i don't feel very welcome here.

I have no transport so no way of getting around to view other places.  Was thinking about finding the train station (not one here) and trying to find a different area and stay over night in an hotel or something to have a look around.

I would like to be in an area with a few brits, coastal and near schools and shops, as everything will need to be done on foot or bikes. Can any of you give me some advice, before I think I can't manage and go back to the uk :(



Thread: Hi all

13 Sep 2007 2:01 PM:

Awww thanks for all that.  All your advice and kind words have picked me up a little.  Just one more question, both the Movistar and Vodafone, are they easy to stop, as I only need something until telefonica sort me out.  Pay and go i'm a bit worried about as i work 10-12 a day, eekkkkkkk.  But least I know now there is something I can use.

With many many thanks, feeling a whole lot better.

Have a nice day.



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