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24 Dec 2007 13:48:

hi. we had a look around Cox a few months ago and loved the town.  Can you give me any information about the developments?



Thread: Cox Developement sierra del sol

24 Dec 2007 13:45:

well i really appreciate the weather reports cos im a nightmare when it comes to packing and i have not spend new year in spain before so its a bit like the hokey-cokey here ...

you put your wollies in ... woolies out ... in, out, in, out .....


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Thread: The rain in Spain

17 Dec 2007 18:35:

we used the TomTom in Spain recently too ... mostly  no problems and a HUGE improvement on my navigation skills!

We found in a few places that road changes had not been included and for some reason it seemed to think that half of Quesada was still a field and we were driving around it!  But its ok cos you just head for a road it recognises and you are off again.  What a sense of freedom knowing that wherever you wandered off to you could always get home.  I would recommend the TomTom to all.


Thread: Sat Nav in Spain

16 Dec 2007 22:41:

Thanks Fibby

with a hubby like mine you have to have patience!  He changes his mind like the weather ... dont know how Georgia puts up with us  ... he is desperately trying to find us a suitable house and we keep moving the goalposts! We are every agent's nightmare!  But im sure he will be all the more satisfied when we do eventually find the "right" place.


Thread: We want your happy stories ONLY

16 Dec 2007 17:15:

Well done, San Miguel on your 200th Post!   I was wondering what had happened to you as we hadnt heard from you in a while.  Glad everything is going well for you in Spain.  The "happy" stories are reassuring for us newbies who are still looking for the right place in Spain!

And Welcome Back to Pat and Roy too .... hope the difference in temperature here in Blighty doesnt detract from the jolly Christmas celebrations

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Thread: We want your happy stories ONLY


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