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26 Jun 2009 00:00 by David Holland Star rating. 6 posts Send private message


We are buying an apartment near the small village of La Puebla which is about 10 mins fro Las Alcazares by car, does anyone have any experience of La Puebla, what is it like etc and what amenities are there?




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08 Jul 2009 18:23 by feefee Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi David

Is the apartment  actually built or is it off plan? I have a villa in the next village to you, if you head towards Cartagena form La Puebla you will go through La Aparecida, they are very similar villages,  I'm sure La Puebla has a small supermarket, couple of bars, a bakery , a tobaconist and a bank. Cartagena and the new shopping centre, espaciao meditaraneo is only 10 mins or less up the road form you. We have had our villa for 6 years and love our holidays there. We try and get out every month during the summer months. If you want any further info please feel free to ask.



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08 Jul 2009 21:02 by David Holland Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Hi Fiona

Thanks for your reply.

Our apartment is off plan and due to be completed in November this year , when we visited the development in May we thought the village looked a little run down and so wondered what is was like to live there. We were also concerned with the amenities which have been exagerated by the developer, there is a small supermarket, a bank, tobaconist, baker,  and I think one restaurant and one very small bar which seem very dark and dingy!

So we are a bit apprehensive about the area and would appreciate any information ypu have on this area.




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09 Jul 2009 12:12 by feefee Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi David

I must admit the first couple of trips out to our villa made us think the same thoughts re our village being a bit run down and had we made the right decision. I'm sure La Puebla will be the same, next time you are over have a good walk around, I know you may think theres not alot of action/life going on in the sleepy village but you have some lively places only up the road, we love the fact that our village is really quiet and doesn't have any loud 'English' type bars, and only 10 minute drive away is Los Alcazares or Cartagena for a bit more action. The area is a real farming community and its very interesting seeing the fields with their different crops. Its amazing though in a short period of time how its come on leaps and bounds

We drive through your village alot and are really impressed how its tidier than it used to be, the windmill has been renovated, you have a new bar as you leave the village on the main road towoards Cartagena and in general I think it will be a great village for a holiday apartment.

If you have enough storage for a couple of bikes its a great place to cycle as its so flat and you can go for miles on the servico roads without seeing any traffic.

When are you next over? We have been out 6 times since April and have flights booked for early September.  Must admit we really love our trips out there. Where are in the UK? We are down on the south coast so fly from Bournemouth in San Javier.

Any further info, please let me know.



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09 Jul 2009 12:31 by David Holland Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Hi Fiona

Thanks for the info, it is certainly reassuring, on our last visit there was broken glass bottle outside the church and it looked really run down. 

Do you know if there are any restaurants near by, I think there is one in La Puebla but it was not open on our last visit in May!

 We have been told that the development " Molino de la Puebla" will be completed in September so we will probably go out in the October school holidays and take the kids to view the apartment.  We are from Leeds and can access flights from Leeds/Bradford Airport to San Javier and so is very convenient.

Could I ask how you purchased your furniture/fittingsetc, we recently went to a furniture company who supplied and installed everything including the lights and TV's but we thought the cost was very expensive!






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09 Jul 2009 13:56 by feefee Star rating. 4 posts Send private message


Hi David
Regarding restaurants, we have found many nice ones over the last few years, it really does depend on what food you like. We prefer the Spanish restaurants where locals eat rather than the British run restaurants. We found a very nice one for lunchtimes, its only a 5 min drive from your village, its called’ Los Beatos’ in the village with the same name. If you head out of your village towards Cartagena, you will come to a roundabout with a roller/digger on it, if you turn left here go along a very long straight road and you will come into Los Beatos village, turn left at the roundabout and the restaurant is on the right. The guy in there speaks some English, it is only a few years old, very clean and very nice food. Depending on what your tastes are, there is a good Indian if you head from your village towards the Industrial estate near Los Alcazares, its about 5 mins from you, its called Sizzling Punjabi. We really like to eat in the Spanish restaurants but if you like English, there are plenty of these at the Mercadona Plaza in Los Alcazares, very busy at night and plenty of choice, I think a lot of them are pricey for what you get. Many Indian restaurants there are a few pizza places. A really nice place to go in the evening is Santiago De La Ribera, very easy to find as you head to the airport and the round about at the airport you turn left, follow the road and turn right, this takes you down to the beach and many nice restaurants. Lovely walk from there along the promenade to Lo Pagan.
Regarding the restaurant in your village, our neighbours have lunch there quite a lot and say its good, not tried it ourselves so cant comment.
We got our furniture from a place in La Zenia, which is about half an hour away. If I was you I would go down to the industrial estate at Los Alcazares, go from your village along the main road heading towards the airport, at roundabout turn right and then turn first right, there is a place on the road as you turn into the estate that’s owned by a guy called Fred who is English, has been in Spain quite a long time and has some nice furniture. If you have a big enough car I would go to IKEA in Murcia for small items. Also at Parque Mediterraneo there are some great shops there, only 10 mins up the road.
Good luck with it all. Any other info please feel free to ask. I’m sure you will love Spain, we really do and love our hols in that part of Spain, there is so much to do.




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09 Jul 2009 14:04 by feefee Star rating. 4 posts Send private message


Here is the website fo the furniture company on the Industrial Estate -




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09 Jul 2009 14:32 by David Holland Star rating. 6 posts Send private message


Thanks Fiona that is very useful.



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27 Apr 2010 21:38 by michelle73 Star rating in luton,uk. 8 posts Send private message

hello there, we are also purchasing a property in la puebla de la molino.  we are flying out next week to sign for the mortgage. how are other people found this development.? 

we went over last feb so wasn't complete but looked quite nice. This will be the first time we will have seen the 'finished product'!! looking forward to it!


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27 Apr 2010 23:52 by Patty_1 Star rating in Hertfordshire. UK. .... 1062 posts Send private message

Hope it all goes well for you Michelle, It is very exciting when all is completed.

Your not far from us Hemel Hempstead

Take care Pat



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28 May 2010 17:09 by michelle73 Star rating in luton,uk. 8 posts Send private message

hello all. just purchased a property in la puebla de la molino and would like to hear from anytone else who has too. went over there a few weeks ago to sign contracts etc and were v impressed with the apartment.

my husband, 2 children and I are all going out again on Thursday til Monday so very excited about that!!

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09 Jul 2010 14:51 by crin Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

H i my husband and i are wanting to rent one of these apartments for a week in september is anyone interested in letting one out



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