Problems trying to change cancelled Easyjet flight

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17 Apr 2010 00:00 by DaveAilsa Star rating in Tallentire, UK, Los .... 101 posts Send private message

I wonder if anyone else has had the following problem :

We have a return flight booking originally flying out yesterday and return on next Wednesday.
The flight out was cancelled late Thursday but we were able to get a free transfer onto the Sunday flight.
However that flight too has just been cancelled.

We decided to try changing our booking for 2 weeks in the future and the general information on the web site says that when you change a cancelled flight the return portion of that booking can also be changed, however ... when we tried to do this it doesn't allow us to change our return flight - and in fact the page says that the return flight is not cancelled so we can't change it.
This is plainly daft - the booking would have then been flying back 2 weeks before flying out !!
Has anyone had similar experience and managed to get round it ?

We tried phoning Easyjet but got a message saying they weren't open until tomorrow at 8am !  If ever there was a time when they should be open then now is the time.

Dave and Ailsa



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17 Apr 2010 22:04 by llamacalmer Star rating in Surrey & Sierra Golf.... 316 posts Send private message

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I had reason to phone easyjet recently before any of the recent problems, but found I was left holding on for 1 1/2 hrs before I admitted defeat.  The following day I kept on tryiing their number just before 8 am, and was connected straight away at 8 am when the lines opened.  It's obviously going to be worse now, but if you do need to speak to easyjet, continually re-dial their number from just before 8 am, it'll be a lost cause during the day.


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17 Apr 2010 22:31 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6933 posts Send private message

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Hello Dave and Ailsa

I sympathise with ANYONE who are experiencing problems, especially those who are trying to return to the UK as I've heard about many who were meant to leave Spain after a hotel holiday (so they've had to book hotel rooms often at quite an expense that likely insurances are not covering) & many will have needed to book further car hire, again an expense.  Many have been in rented accommodation so need to find another place to stay if others are booked in, or pay more to stay put, as the next renters are stuck in the UK so, for the time being, the accommodation is available, maybe!

We are MEANT to be flying from Murcia back to the UK after 6 weeks here, on Friday (23rd) but now are becoming increasingly concerned about our own flight. Thankfully we have our own property & car here in Spain, money isn't a problem & we have two weeks extra meds with us. It is still a concern especially as we have flights booked to return here on May 25th!  

As yet we haven't looked into what we need to do if we find we can't return to the UK on Friday but at least we are now on the internet at home here in Guardamar, with free calls to Europe landlines though Easyjet lines are not the usual geographical numbers.   


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19 Apr 2010 18:54 by Liliana Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

I have had the same problem as Dave & Ailsa.

Having changed cancelled outward flights to Mallorca with easyJet I, too, found myself booked to come back three weeks before I was due to fly out, if you see what I mean, and unable to change Friday 23rd's return flight because it was 'not cancelled'.

Having received confirmation of this new back-to-front booking, I felt I had no alternative but to use the usual process to change the return flight, and was charged the online 'change flight fee' - which, since I was handling the booking for three people, amounted to  £111.71.

Having spent so long at the computer trying to make sense of the system, I could not face fruitless hours trying to get through on the telephone and emailed easyJet's customer service at 9:00 on  Sunday 18th April. My message was acknowledged and a reply promised within 'the next days'. Nothing has been received yet, of course, at 17:30 on Monday 19th.

I shall watch this thread with interest and keep you posted.


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