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20 Jan 2008 00:00 by niglam1 Star rating in Wakefield W. Yorks (.... 147 forum posts Send private message

Hi all

just set foot back in the UK after receiving our keys and we have spent a week living in our villa on SG!

It's a real rollercoaster of an experience with many highs and lows and lots and lots of frustration.

What makes it all tolerable is obviously getting the property of our dreams, but equally valuable is the support received from all the other residents living on the site. (particularly Steve & Jackie and Ray & Carol who have been golden as we don't know what we would have done without them)

It is a real good community spirit and I know they, and the other residents will be there to help all future movers.

Our first day on the site was spent walking around and talking to anyone we could find and everyone was offering advice and help and pointing us in the right direction for any problem we encountered.

The workmen on site are very helpful we just flag the two handymen down as they drive around in their van, tell them the problem and if they can they fix it.  If you require an electrician then things are not so good.  They work on other MASA sites and it takes days for them to come.  If anything goes wrong on a Friday, then you are stuck until Monday because no one works on Sat or Sun, very very frustrating!

If you have your NIE number already then this will speed up your connection of electricity and installation of meter as this is required for your contract, we didn't have ours and have come home still connected to "builders" electricity.

The weather has been really good as you will see on the photo's when I post them lots of blue skies and we were wearing shorts and t shirts.  It does get cold on a night so take some warm stuff as well!

I am racking my brain trying to tell you everything and if you have any questions then pm me.

The "holiday" has whizzed by and we never stopped working, shopping and getting the place to look something like in the time allowed, we need another week at least.

Just remembered something else... when you go over to take posession of your property you do not get the keys straight away so make sure you have other accommodation with a good overlap to make sure you are not caught out.

If you land on a Sunday there is nothing open so make preparations with someone on site to get a few essentials if you can!

There are 2 shops on the site and one of them holds a basic stock of supplies but even this is closed on a Sunday.

Sorry for going on too much, (Hi to Mug, Brian & Sonia, Tom, Dave John and all the nice people we met)

Thats all for now

Nigel & Stella M16/44

ps the M stands for Manzana and is meant in the context that the site is the big apple, their explanation not mine!!

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20 Jan 2008 21:42 by mug Star rating. 108 forum posts Send private message

mug´s avatar

Hi  Stelia Nigel  hope you have had a good time.  the spanish way of life is very diffrent when you are there , when  you get home all you think about is going back.                        Me and PHILIP ARE GOING OUT AGAIN ON THE 12 OF fFEB SO IF YOU WANT ANY THING LOOKING AT JUST LET US KNOW                  OUR BANK SENT OUR  350 AND NIE NUMBERS FOR ELETRICY    HOW WAS THE UNDER BUILD  HOPE NOT TO WET  SORRY ABOUT SPELLING KNOW GLASS ES ON --``                       WELL YOU HAD SOME GOOD WEATHER HELPS THINGS ; DID YOU GET ALL YOUR WHITE GOODS ;  WHEN YOU GET YOUR PHOTOS EMAIL   OR GIVE US A CALL 01709817875 AFTER 6.30 GOT TO WORK TO PAY FOR V ILLA LOVE TO KNOW HOW YOU HAVE GONE ON . SEE YOU SOON                                                                 DENISE AND PHILIP                                                       

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20 Jan 2008 21:51 by byro Star rating. 62 forum posts Send private message

Hi Nigel and Stella

Glad you dream move has been completed but just a question before we complete in Febuary, did you manage to get Habitation certs? and was there any problems snagging property?


Kind Regards The Byron Family Albertro 15-21

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