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19 Dec 2014 09:10 by Jay05 Star rating in We are in Los Naranj.... 1464 forum posts Send private message

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This years electricity charges have risen so much.

These are the figures for bi monthly charges since the end of April through to December.







Based on a three bed on Naranjos only occupied for 6 weeks during that time with just a fridge left on.


seems double dear to me at 50 euros a month.


are there any alternatives?









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19 Dec 2014 18:45 by Billbo Star rating in Hartlepool & Jardine.... 654 forum posts Send private message

Those figures look high there jay. Are the 70 to 90 euros charges for the periods you are not there ? Our bills seem to come in around the 50 euros mark when we are not there.

I am not aware of anyone on site who has managed to find a more cost effective electricity supplier.



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( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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20 Dec 2014 18:32 by igw Star rating in East Lothian. 81 forum posts Send private message

I'd be delighted to hear of any alternatives.  Here's my bill history.

Standing charges have been gradually creeping up, but this year have been around 60 euro / 2 months, or 1 euro a day give or take.  Obviously usage is on top of that but will vary for different people at different times of year.  Most of the year mine is around 2 to 2.5 euros/day occupied, with a fridge/freezer running constantly.  I dont think the F/F adds much, maybe 30euro a year.   Consumption rocketed last Jan/Feb bill due to using lots of heating.






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20 Dec 2014 19:58 by enzso Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

Factor Energia is the alternative...


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