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15 Jul 2013 21:09 by springi Star rating in Bickerstaffe & Los N.... 27 forum posts Send private message

 Hi has anyone booked a car through do you spain and the voucher has been in their name but they are not the driver.  

I had an issue yesterday when my parents arrived at Murcia airport and were told that they could not collect the car as the voucher wasn't in their name (even though they had the voucher which was in my name and our surnames are the same.)

I would appreciate feedback if anyone has collected a car as above, I have taken this up with do you spain as it doesn't state on their website nor the car hire companies website that the voucher has to be in the drivers name, the only stipulation is the credit card is the main drivers name, they have their original driving licence and passport.

Many thanks






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15 Jul 2013 21:47 by Suntanneddude Star rating in Hertfordshire. 117 forum posts Send private message


This is no doubt due to fraud as would you hand over your property valued at a few thousand £'s to someone who isn't named on a voucher? Technicality but all the same they are perhaps protecting theirselves & might even be a condition of their own insurances etc.



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