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13 Oct 2015 6:09 PM:


Have already, being given the run around by them, first they credited then they added it back again because I apparently I didn't respond to a letter asking for my response to Dickmanns documents they apparently sent me. I had already sent them all the information already.


SD cool

Thread: Disgusting Service from Dickmanns CS

13 Oct 2015 4:47 PM:


AVOID like the plague. Just been told by Dickmanns CS via email that I am apparently not well educated as I am still asking for my deposit back of 1082€ from Easter.

Robbing bar stewards springs to mind. People will vote with their feet at the end of the day.

SD cool

Thread: Disgusting Service from Dickmanns CS

13 Oct 2015 4:22 PM:


I hired two cars at Easter and am still waiting for a refund of 1082€ back to my card from Dickmanns at San Javier. Interestingly received an insulting email from their alleged CS today saying that I cannot be well educated when it is them that haven't still refunded my card, still arguing with CC company about this.

So my advice is to AVOID DICKMANNS as well.

(N.B. if anyone wished to see the email correspondence then just PM me so mods I am not making this claim up)

SD cool

Thread: Delpaso car hire - Malaga ..AVOID

07 Oct 2015 9:48 AM:


Have you also included Land Registry (Catastral Office in Spain) in your figures?


SD cool

Thread: Notary costs in Spain

02 Oct 2015 8:17 PM:

Hi Bobaol,

Thanks for response.

Sorry should've said non-res account. We closed our savings account as it was costing us to actually run it even though we had plenty of money in there.

We have 2 mortgages with BP and so our DD's are regular, we deposit regular etc. We know there is no such thing as a free lunch but bearing in mind we always have several thousand euros in or account, it just pees me off that they charge us so much!

Will have a look around though.


SD cool

Thread: Bank Charges - Banco Popular?


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