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22 Sep 2012 20:20 by matryd Star rating. 26 forum posts Send private message

We have received complaints from owners in Naranjos 7 regarding cats in the area. It seems that several neighbors fed the cats and they are reproducing more and more. These cats go into private houses making their needs in the gardens. Thursday September 20th a company has been in the area by placing cages to catch the cats without owner. Please do not leave food to feed the wild animals to avoid both of the reproduction and the proliferation of insects

Milenium Levante

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22 Sep 2012 21:23 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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Hmm, I wonder who approved this action? I hope all the owners with pet cats in the area have them tagged with collars with contact details otherwise I they might not see them again. Whilst I agree that something needs to be done about stray cats and dogs owners should have notice of these actions in order to take the necessary precautions

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Email: phil@naranjosuno.com

Web: www.naranjosuno.com




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23 Sep 2012 10:08 by chris 2477 Star rating. 61 forum posts Send private message

Getting a company in to remove cats is an expensive option that will need to be repeated many times. Removing the cats just creates a vacant territory for more cats to move in, and so you are back to square one again with a cat problem.

 A few years ago concerned residents on Mar menor Golf  looked at ways of dealing with the feral cat population that was starting to get out of control. The most humane and cost effective way to deal with this problem was the catch,neuter and release program. They are released where they are caught. This way the cats have their own territory and this keeps other cats from coming in and taking over.A local vet was contacted who would perform the operations.  This is all paid for through our community fee (about 2 or 3  euros per property per year) Volunteers set the traps and transport the cats to and from the vet.

The feral cat population is now under control. In the first 2 years many cats were caught. We had 3 litters in  just one street! some were put down by the vet as they were sick / diseased.

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23 Sep 2012 11:28 by ajw Star rating in Aberdeen. 1088 forum posts Send private message

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Keeps the rodent population at bay though!



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23 Sep 2012 11:28 by REIDPJ Star rating. 239 forum posts Send private message

Plus, a limited number of cats are useful for controlling the rat population.



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